Found (Chapter Five)

throughout my body and I listen to his harsh breathing on the other end of the call. “Chandler...” “I told you I would be in close contact with you, precious. I actually wasn’t going to contact you for another week or two to let you settle back into your normal routine. I didn't want any of the boys on the bus thinking anything could be

Meeting Chris

got the skirt up and moved my hand towards her pussy. Once again, we were just looking into each others eyes, forgetting everything around us. While she slightly spread her legs, I just laid my open, sweaty hand right on top of her whole pussy. She felt hot and sweaty herself. She was completely smooth like a peach and when I lightly pressed with

Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 16

shorts as I held the door for them, both taking time to glance over at my dick which was still hanging down my shorts leg in an almost hard state. The girls giggled as they made their way to Ambers room while I stopped by the kitchen to retrieve myself a cold beer from the refrigerator, standing at the counter enjoying my beer I saw Amber cross


My girlfriend has told one of her friends at work that she kept my cock locked in a cage. She even showed her friend the key, and a picture of me. It was only a matter of time before she was invited over to the house to see for herself. I was made to stand before her, strip off all my clothes and present myself to her. She laughed, and her first

Encounter at work part 3

2 parts were something, but this part will get better by far. Until part 4 of course. Hi my name is Richard and I have had an exciting past couple of weeks. I work in a restaurant and have a texting buddy that I met online named Stephie. We have met twice since texting each other and what a time we had during those meetings. First we met while I

Captured in Ajikistan 6

with relief when the mercenary-soldier named Ramirez nodded. “You have a deal, girl. Lead the way, but stay low and hit the ground when I say so.” Kareena nodded vigorously, adrenaline and fear coursing through her veins. With a surprising surge of courage, the naked girl ducked through the tent flap and into the night, hoping that her guess was

Total Woman Security 01

Security. Krista liked the buxom little blonde and decided that Barbara could proceed to a practicum as well. Krista turned to her computer and drilled down to the daily stress-relief request schedule. Bradley had an open request for ‘over-the-desk’. Krista buzzed his office. Bradley answered directly. Krista was surprised. ‘Bradley, why didn’t

Wash & Wear

and especially sarcastically witty Angie was and she was thrilled with the way Jim could always make her laugh, no matter how things were going or how she was feeling. It had taken Jim awhile to get his nerve up but he had finally asked Angie out on a date. After a short silence that seemed to last forever… she agreed. And now tonight was the

The Touch Ch. 24

to, but there is a special connection between you and I, Jamie Riley, I just know that I would be able to get pregnant with you and that our babies would be just perfect.’ ‘Wow! This is a lot to take in, Gill.’ I stood up, ‘I’m not going to run away screaming,’ I laughed. ‘But, I think we could both do with another coffee and perhaps a brandy,

Paddlin’ Madelyne Home Ch. 03

Horse and whimpering. Both ass cheeks were a glorious bright red color, and she had already cum at least twice from rubbing her bare clit against the leather of the Horse. Her ‘mothers’ were beaming with pride. But still she did not signal that she had had enough, and whispered ‘More!’ to me when I stopped to inspect her. My audience seemed to be

Luck and Love: I

and toyed a bit. The smile that crossed her face was forever burned into Michaels memory. For once, without the sneer, the rough language and the confrontational attitude, Candy looked the beautiful girl that Michael had always known to exist. As Michaels hand continued to stroke his bloated cock Candys hand continued their journey over her body,

Coed in the Corner Part two

she replied. ‘I think you’re going to enjoy it.’ Tabber logged in on his email account. Sure enough, there was an email from Joni. He clicked on it to find only an attachment, no text. He downloaded the picture with great anticipation. Joni was a college girl Tabber had met online. He found her in a message board at an erotic stories site. She

His Idea Of A Perfect Valentines

finally done with for the year. It’s been a long couple months, but now Valentine’s is tomorrow and I want it to be special. I told my boyfriend Luke I want to go all out and he said he would plan it all. I’m hoping he does just that. I’m Kasey and I’m 23 years old. I’m 5’5” with light brown golden hair that goes mid way down my back. I have soft

Someday Ch. 1

the gate before the main body of greeters so she was able to stand closest to the door he would come through. She put her bag on the window ledge beside her and dug out the two leis she’d brought for him. The first was the traditional kind – gardenias and carnations, purple for a male. The second was also specifically for a man – small cowry

A Rabbit In The Headlights

wasn't stifled then - I couldn't hold back - shit, I didn't even fucking care anymore. This was the best sex I'd ever had, people should know. Everyone should know what this felt like. His hands pinned my lower body to the bed, which by now sounded like it was going to crash through the floor. A low growling sound trickled from his throat close

Crystal and Tiffany

Tiffany in my bedroom. "What do you want?" I demanded angrily as I threw my phone on the ground. "Dad's in Arizona," I reminded her "I know," she said cooly, obviously used to my tantrums. "Crystal, I'm going to be your step mom soon. It's time we start getting along." She tucked her long blonde hair behind her ear and placed her hand on her hip.

My Dear Sister

work. I walked into the house and found the lights off. Nobody was home so I went to my small bedroom and began undressing. It had been a long day. As I was undressing I heard a faint noise at my door. I turned around to find my sister staring at me. Megan was two years older than me, but from the time I was born she would follow me around. "Hey,

Lessons From Miranda - Chapter One

the light like that? I assumed she didn't, and I hoped she didn't notice the look of excitement and confusion on my face either. "I was thinking we might go for a swim and take in a little down time today," she said. "We've been working pretty hard since you got here, and things are getting under control." She reached across the table touching my

Part 2. White teen boy taken by a black man

  You like being held down,” he replied.   He placed my arms under my back and held them with his right hand.   Then, after fondling my penis for a minute he leaned down, placing it in his mouth. I was scared yet excited as sucked on me.   His left hand tightly held my bottom. I was helpless and captured by this big man as he continued to

Heather's Dilemma Chapter 3

the girls all the while taunting them and egging them on. Eating while having a dildo reaming in and out of your cunt wasn't easy as both women experienced several orgasms as they ate. But, it wasn't long before Heather finished her food first, licking her bowl clean before her daughter Melissa was able to. Amanda stood up from where she was

Three Sons on a Mission

by both ass cheeks, held her cunt to his mouth and ate her to another orgasm. The second time Ellen came violently humping his face and covering it with her pussy juice. Ellen had trouble standing so Danny eased her to the kitchen floor and took off the halter top leaving her completely naked. Ellen lay there waiting in anticipation of what was

Old Friends, New Loves (part five)

him. He smiled at me, glanced down at my feet, and then hugged his two parents. Kate and Pierce loved their children so much. Then he gave me a hug and I felt my nipples harden. I was taken by his strong body and hard chest. He squeezed me tight and then laughed. So did I, because he made me feel happy. Turning away he took another quick look at

Setting Up Hubby With Our Babysitter

surely-excited cock. The two lovers seemed uneasy at first, entirely understandable, but now, well, Lisa's long pent-up sexual yearnings were now sweeping her into a very passion-filled scene unfolding before me. She was partly up over him, humping Aaron's leg, her hand still pulling up and down on him as they kissed on. Then Aaron rolled her

Relatives from Out of Town - A Halloween Story

Alice... and my guards... who is carrying.”I smiled. Maybe I would come out of this on the plus side of favors owed after all.I said ‘No’ to anyone with red hair, anyone who looked like anyone in my entire extended family, any magical creatures... and, of course, anyone carrying weapons. One succubus looked directly at me and hissed. I know she

The Cable Slave chapter 7 The Gardener

I leaned forwards and pressed back a bit and there was a finger inside me before I knew. He didn’t mess around, he was deep inside me sliding in and out. All that oil made it easy and I was enjoying being reamed. It was more spectacular when the second finger went in and he started rotating them around and stretching me. It went on for a while

Legal Issues Ch. 07

apology, she dug through his clothes until she found a thick red and black plaid button-down shirt. She pulled it on, appreciating Chris' wide shoulders that allowed it to fit her expanded chest and frame. The fabric rubbed oddly against her fur and she felt overly warm but her nipples were mostly hidden and only a small bit of her udder showed.

Just One More Time

I didn't notice at first. But my fellow workers did. They questioned me. They wondered if I was ill. I was losing weight and could barely do my job. I recall the last time she appeared. I had been told that I must seek help. My supervisor allowed me to go out once more to do some simple tasks along the trail. I could spend the night at a cabin

Helping our Troops

This past week a couple of them have been home on leave from Iraq. They’re leaving Saturday, so about ten of us got together tonight to have a few drinks and say goodbye. I was lucky enough to be the only civilian invited to this little party. We all met at Dave’s house near the base. The plan was to go and hit a few clubs in the area and enjoy

Mandy - a forbidden love

of visions but I was totally bowled over by her looks, her long dark hair, lovely face, warm smile and bright friendly eyes. She seemed relaxed so I asked where we should go. We went to a pub just up the road and as we walked in I told her she was stunning. It really was the only way to describe her. We ordered a glass of wine each and sat and


the first moment of awkward silence I whispered "You're beautiful.""Jimmy!" she squealed, "I'm like your big sister!" She reached across the table to caress my face just as Julian arrived with appetizers that we didn't order. "Stuffed Zucchini Flowers," he said, "I made them myself." I could have killed him.We decided to go back to my place for

Sara Kate

would be a bit tight, she and Kyle agreed that it was a gift from God and they would love it just as much as Lindsey and Jacob. Three months into her pregnancy, Kyle started feeling very tired all of the time and it was all he could do to wake up in the morning and go to work. Sara finally convinced her husband to go and see their doctor. The

A Long Christmas Good Bye

That is enough for us.’ But was it really? Roberta closed her eyes and remembered the first Christmas she and Ed shared together. That little apartment on Cedar Street was so small the only Christmas tree they could fit in sat perched on an end table. Roberta smiled. Thinking back that tree could not have been more than three feet tall and the

Lights Off Hotel Meeting

her first orgasm. I wanted to feel her pussy again and I bent her over the bed. As I slipped my dick into her lovely pink slit, I could feel her getting even wetter. She had long beautiful hair and I wrapped it in a ponytail and proceeded to use it to hold on as I fuck her mercilessly. The screams could for sure be heard outside the hotel door

Solo HMT Adventures #01

IL. Height: 5′ 8′ Weight: 225 lbs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Brown Known Powers: In these storylines he has none, but later he will become master of electricity. Equipment: Carries a wooden baseball bat with the words ‘The Law’ spray painted on it, 3 lock blade knives of different length and a chain (will explain more about these later), and anything he

hands and kisses

to her nipples increasing their impatience to be pleasured. She breathes a moan as her torso bends in response. The scarf begins to slip as i slowly draw it away. I savour watching her nipples appear and more moans of delight as her nipples register the material moving over them. Now she is completely bare, and again she waits……. A hand touches

Spirit Ch. 04

realize that this was the goddess and the god. From behind Steven he could sense other presences as well, and he turned to look. Steven saw three elementals standing at their star points. One was water, one was fire, and the last was Earth. Steven could sense there was a fourth, but could not see it. It was the elemental of air, which Steven knew

Public Transportation Ch. 01

had said. It was only good for managing a restaurant or substitute teaching… his heart held back the next word. His brother Frank was Downs and he never could stomach anyone calling him that evil word. The only fights he had ever been in at school had been protecting his brother’s honor. Sure, he and Frank had called enough other names, told

A Visit From Home

Oscar wanted to go gambling in Oklahoma, and since I lived an hour from the casinos, could they stop in and say ‘hi’. I said sure. We discussed the date they wanted to come and we made arrangements. I told her if they wanted to fly in to DFW I could pick them up and even loan them my car to drive back and forth to the casino. She said Oscar

Punished For Stealing

two teenagers would agree. Lucy wondered for a moment if she and Emma should give the two teachers some more cane strokes, but just said, “Just make sure that you repay what you have stolen by next week as, otherwise, you will be getting double punishment, for sure.” Dale certainly felt suitably admonished but realised again well just how

Rape of Nanking: Japanese Soldiers Story (Unedited)

I wouldn't wake up the next morning alive. This feeling stayed with me the whole time we invading the cities in China. But now, the feelings of gunfire, grenades going off, and screams of soldiers in pain turned into screams of woman screaming for help.I ran to my first home, hungry and tired knowing I needed to loot something valuable in order

Hunting the Hunter(Part Two)

her, giving everything into that one smile and she had to admit it was some how working on her, among other things, this whole time shes tried keeping her eyes on his face and she wasnt having much luck in that department. I&hellip,,Skyler blinked, trying to clear her thoughts before she said something stupid. I need to go, she told him. She

Coed Vacation

away from it all and from everyone else. Seeing as they both had the money they’d fly out, to a tropical beach, and spend it alone together. No, it wasn’t ever intended to be anything wild or crazy. It only ended up that way seeing as both these two girls, at 20 years of age, had it all going for them. The day was coming closer. Vacation was just

Coach scores more than a victory

time I had seen in anything but competitive swimsuits. They were hot. Both wore short denim skirts. Sara tits practically busted out of her college T-shirt. Michelle had somewhat smaller boobs. She had been shopping. She had on a T-shirt with the name of the city where the meet had been held. I invited the girls in. Michelle spoke first, “We

Deserted Industrial Park

to take me all in but also having to work within the confines of a gear shift and a steering wheel. She gets up on her knees, trying to keep her ass low for the passers-by on the road, and she is able to take more of me in. She licks the underside of my cock, sucks the head, and then forces it down her throat as far as she can. I gasp which

Watching and Waiting

But his ejaculation was longer and harder. My rectum was filling to over flowing. The pain had gone and I now didn’t care, I just wanted this over. When Jackal had finished and had withdrawn from me, his place was taken by Deacon. I didn’t even feel him enter me. What I did feel to my great surprise, was my own penis growing and precum oozing

First Threesome

he held perfectly still. I sucked his tip, teasing him with my tongue and eventually took more and more in my mouth. I wasn’t anywhere near as good as Jen but I did like it. I could feel him tense up when I got it right. His legs would go hard and his breathing would get ragged, just like Jen’s did when I was rolling her clit just right with my

The Vicars Granddaughter

lady was attired in a short black skirt and skimpy cotton top. Stanley regarded her with a sly grin. She was an attractive girl. He immediately noticed the shape of her lips, which if she applied lipstick and kissed his collar, would leave a typical Marilyn Monroe type lip-print behind. In fact her lips looked like they were shaped for a kiss

Daddy's Promise

with his tightly fisted hand. With the other hand he pressed his thumb against her pretty ass, pressing it inside her, past the tight ring until she started to squirm and whimper. “Ohh, daddy, please.” She tried to drop herself onto him, wanting to feel him deep inside her. His thumb in her ass was an amazing feeling. Her ass was tight

Daddy's Little Bitch

when I ran the bar of soap over my gaping asshole it slipped right in. I easily slipped it out and whimpered about how loose my little asshole was. I sat slumped in the corner oozing sperm, and crying. The weirdest part was that the tears were from the agonizing rape I had just endured, but the feeling I had was no longer betrayal. I felt empty.

Mom's Stockings: My Son's Cum Bucket

present?" I asked."I've fantasized it lots," he admitted, "but never thought it would happen."After a moment, he added, "It is the best Christmas present ever."I moaned, "I couldn't agree more."As I got used to having his cock in my ass, I began riding faster and faster, eventually bouncing on his cock, taking it as deep in my ass as humanly

The Slaver Gets His Wish 15

high heels. Everyone applauded her gorgeous body. She blushed as she knelt down in front of me and fished my cock out of my trousers. Then she began lovingly lick the shaft of my dick until I was hard as a rock. While she did that, I removed my jacket and shirt. We had arranged a short altar there, and I took her hand and helped her onto it.

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 27

to get rid of that stuff by noon.’ ‘Cindy, you cursed at me.’ ‘You fucking deserved it. You took a week off with no notice, and left us with our asses hanging out. We worked like dogs to keep this office running, and the first thing you do when you walk in is complain. If I didn’t need this dam fucking job, I’d quit.’ ‘What is your job title

Ping Pong Paddling

naked in front of my longtime friend when she said, "Actually, wait. I'll do the honours there."I obeyed instantly. It felt like a dream as she got up and gently squeezed my right nipple. I just stood there letting her take control. She suddenly squeezed harder and twisted and broke the spell. "Hey!" I said, though the pain sent a jolt straight

The Woody Agency for Modeling Ch. 10

seated Mary, then asked if they would like something to drink before they ordered. Mary asked for tea and Gerald got a drink. The drinks came, delivered by a man called Horace who was going to be their waiter. Mary sipped her tea as she looked over the menu. Finally she decided and told Gerald what she wanted. When the waiter returned, Gerald

Jennifer's Awakening

from herself but she was groaningheavily and then the words..."Yes"...tentative at first and then with morestrength..."YES...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YES, YES!!! Her orgasm didn't build, itdidn't start, it blossomed and blew through her, leaving her even more weak,shaking uncontrollably...Raven had watched quietly and then she pulled thedog from

(Harry Potter) - Ron Blackmailed to fuck

service. Her fingers were cold and made Ron shiver with both pleasure and iciness. She pushed on the desk and slid slowly down the table kneeling in front of him. One of her hands on his cock, the other on his balls.Ron looked down at her and gulped a bit too louder than he had intended. Pansy smiled and planted some light kisses all over his

The waiter part 2

boy there, Abdul lifted Sara carried her to the table and lay her next to Cindy then started to lick her smooth slit while another boy sucked her nipples, Sara was starting to enjoy the attention and relaxed Abdul stopped licking stood and slid his dick right up Sara’s moist love tube making her groan loudly, Abdul pounded away deep and hard

Forbbiden pet.

carefully picks up your hard dick and sides her mouth around it slowly taking in the head. She runs her tongue around the top and lightly presses on the tip, before sliding it in further, deepthroating your cock. The personal pleasure is quickly pushing you to the edge. You feel your orgasm building. Im almost there. You warn her. She slides her

christys day

I was drunk and spaced-out on three kinds of cold medicine. Tommy, my boyfriend, had told me not to bother with Harry’s party, but I had been looking forward to seeing everybody for weeks, so I insisted on going. He brought me along, of course. He always brought me along. I was like a novelty act to him and all his friends. ‘Christy The sexy

Daughters Friend, Part 6

and still have the energy to suck the cum out of my cock. She deserves a medal.After a few more minutes I couldn’t hold back anymore and let out a warm load of cum into her mouth.  Alex let some of it fall onto her shirt and the seat. If it was possible, she’d have my load on her face all day. What a bad girl.“How was that?”Alex was using her

The Incubus' Wife: A Party Gone Wild

we withdrew from the house, I has asked him more than twice if he certainly would do without any bit of eating tonight, and he told me that he would be okay until somewhere after midnight, by which time we would be sleeping somewhere in this hotel.“I believe that you are not joking, Mason, or are you really?” I express to him with a grim,

Bare Asses and Boyfriends

Then at the end of the hall were the bedrooms. Will's to the right and his parents' to the left. I veered right into his room and sat down on his bed. His dresser was right inside the doorway. The top was littered with little nick-nacks. The closet was directly in front of the bed, the doors of which were large mirrors.I heard the shower turn off

A Fever of 101

unfurling from behind the door. Ellen asked him to, "please not tell anyone." Ray laid down the rules, "I will ltell if someoned doesn't take their shirt off right now. Ellen blushed and obliged.Ray felt her 33C breasts with extreme lust and fervor. He began to stroke his throbbing cock. Jessica began to strip too. Ray instinctively undid his

Keeper Ch. 01

an accomplishment. He seemed to think so also. ‘Wait… hang on… let me…’ Next thing she knew, John was up on the ladder with her, below her… oh man, his face was just level with the backs of her thighs, with her ass, and she wanted to giggle crazily at that… for Pete’s sake how immature of her… and he was reaching up and taking the hopelessly

In Dreams Ch. 03

that, but I’ll admit that I’m more than a little Jealous of those two, more than I am about any of your so obvious more recent conquests. Do any of them live locally by the way, are we likely to run into anyone who thinks she’s staked her claim?’ ‘I don’t believe so, Ottilie. Why do you ask?’ ‘I don’t know really. Maybe I thought I might be able

The Becoming, Pt 2

to the valley of her breasts. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and leaned her head back and just let the power flow through her. When at last she opened her eyes again, she finally became aware of her surroundings. Turning, she stared in awe and wonder at the lush beauty before her. The forest was rich and vibrant with life. The green was

Ivy, Barbie and Me: Part Three

discarded lingerie cape, left conspicuously on the floor in the hallway between the living room and the bedroom. The bedroom door was wide open, which I took to be another clue. No, I’m not a rocket scientist, never said I was, but I figured it out anyway. I stripped off my shorts and threw them somewhere, didn’t know, didn’t care, on the way to


house of mine. I had been over drinking a couple of beers and goofing off. I worked out over there alot because there wasn’t alot of room at my place.I was messing around showing off and doing pushups standing on my head,being the typical young dumb 18 year old.Now let me just state I always swore to myself I’d never settle down.Well like I said

The Present

peaked. His hand found hers and together they aggressively worked her clit. She became aware of Michael’s shaft contracting against her, and then he brought his weight down onto her. Michael finished hard inside her. His come flooded her bowels in thick spurts. Hot fluid shot deep into her, sending a rush through her body like nothing she could

Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop

I kept my eye on the door as I waited. The way the place filled I could tell that Sophie had picked a pretty popular place. Even though Sophie had sent me plenty of pictures, I was still unsure how easily I’d be able to pick her out in such a crowded restaurant. With all the traffic coming in a few times I thought I might have spotted her, but

Mother Dark

and fell to her knees in mourning and misery - she would regret her actions today but she was split and highly repressed and she needed it like a crack head needs crack rocks. This, she thought, would even things and make her love her hubby again, she did the math, she did the accounting. This was the aspirin to her dilemma.On her knees she

Night Wolf Ch. 03

a glare upon her, motioning for her to put the clothing on. He chuckled to himself at her refusal and rage. He watched as her chin went up once more, refusing to do so. He rolled his eyes and drew his knife, stepping toward her. Ione screeched and backed away, bravado rescuing her fleeing pride. ‘Don’t you dare come near me with that knife.’

A Chance Encounter?

how wet she had become. Anne reached over and caught Katie's arm, and when Katie looked up at her, Anne smiled warmly and said, "It's okay to try something different you know. It won't mean that you are a lesbian either, just that you are adventurous. I've got a few hours to kill and my place is just around the corner. Why don't you come with me.

Senior Year Ch. 05

up and straightened his clothing. ‘Ah…I have to finish this and get back to class,’ Kim said. ‘I…I need to have this stuff done.’ She walked Bobby to the door of the darkroom. Before she opened the door, though, she kissed him again, a kiss that curled his toes. Then they went out. In the brighter light of the outer room, Bobby noticed that the

Coaching a Teen Model

Deciding not to delay any more Simon murmured for Emma to get on her hands and knees. Emmas face was red and her breathing swift as she did so. Simon was soon behind her on his knees checking the angles and noticed they were sideways to Ross main camera so the view of his cock approaching Emma from behind was clear. Also the secondary camera had

My best friend fucked my girlfriend

in heaven. I have always had very attractive women in my life. And I know that my friends have wanted a piece. Because they know that I am very sexual and have loads of sex, they are envious and kind of want to know how I do it. I have no secret formula, no extra charm, no exceptional looks and sexiness, I just am me. And by just being me, I am

After The Fight

my nails down your chest in the process. I kissed your midriff and nibbled at your abs. ‘Honey, maybe we should take this to the bedroom,’ you groaned as my hands dipped to waistband of your pants. We were near the door, in the living room almost half naked. Ignoring your comment, I continue with my onslaught. I unbuckled your belt and

Back to the Beginning

was coming to the school and they were hyped up. When Ephraim didn’t show, Sean’s reputation took a body blow and he lost face, which is just about the worst thing that can happen to a teenage boy. Neither Ben nor Sean could get away straight after school because of extra curriculum activities: Ben in the hall and Sean on the field. Therefore

Majgen Ch. 005

of him in general, he hardly ever bothered with the inefficiency of tipping outside a cab. Majgen followed Baglian through the taxi gate and into the elevator at the end. This elevator was not as large as the one at the Mentariata’s taxi gate 7 had been, but it was still comfortable. The elevator closed its doors behind its two passengers. With a

Alone for the Weekend with the Dog

hot cock rubbing against her aching pussy, she didn't even notice how close he was getting...until he'd shoved that same hard cock right into her virgin cunt. She cried out, not expecting it to hurt like that. It was like her insides were being stretched until the burst. The dog was very pleased with himself, and there was no telling him to be

A Growing Family - Part Two

how much she enjoyed what they had done. Finally Doug told her not to start anything because he wanted to talk to her.“Liz, listen to me. I don’t know how to say this so I’d better get it out quickly. What I did to you was wrong. I admit you are a beautiful young woman. I was excited and I did it. It was still wrong of me. I liked it, I LOVED it.

ben 10 and gwen

by now have become rock hard. After 5 minutes he gradually increased his speed.He continued to fuck Gwen and Gwen encouraged her by asking him to fuck hard and by making sexy sounds. After 30 minutes Ben felt that he was not now able to control his load anymore so he asked Gwen if he should take it out but Gwen denied and asked him that she

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 26

by the front door. ‘I guess there’s no chance in dragging the tutoring session out for another day,’ I said. ‘I’m afraid not,’ Mary Louise said. ‘They were not too thrilled about letting us have today, even. Do you two think you’re ever going to be able to go back to school?’ I shrugged. ‘No way to know,’ I said. ‘I don’t guess it will be real

Impregnating My Girlfriend Part I

my hand and cutting them in half. Wasting them so I have non left and a good excuse…. ‘Lent them to my dad for the weekend…’ “It will be about an hour, Cal.” She says, in her honey sweet voice. “That’s fine, babe. Be here soon though…” I through the divided condoms into my trash can and take them out to the big dumpster out back. “Soon, as in

The Devil's Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 4: Illusions

trigger, my finger itching, but I just couldn't. That would be murder. I couldn't find a way to justify shooting an unarmed, naked, pregnant, young woman. That went against the Theocracy's commandments.But I could scare her while I fucked her.This was power.She shivered in fear as I buried into her tight cunt. She was hot and wet, silk sliding

The true king of the hill part 2: Hank's lucky day

me go now! This is sexual harassment and I will sue you if you proceed.” Debbie groaned. “God you talk too much.” Debbie took off her sweaty shirt and tied it around Hank’s mouth. “I know you want this even if your stupid heart won’t let you say it.” Debbie began taking off Hank’s pants. She reached for his underwear and Hank began to fight.

Sharing Cindy Chapter 7 Cindy Fucks Her Boss

to stroke him back to hardness. It looked like he was having trouble getting there so she leaned over toward him and looked him in the eyes as she said I want you to play with my tits as I ride your hard dick. That was enough for him to get hard again. She climbed on top of him and slowly slid down onto his dick. As she began to lift herself up

My Own First Time

began talking.I put my arm around her waist and she came closer to me. I edged closer to her and began kissing her passionately with my hand caressing her sides. Then, while kissing I put my hand up her top and pressed her waist. Then my hand began to caress all over her bare skin. It hovered close to her belly button and I put my forefinger

Crazy Ass Life Ch. 1

"are you ok" Kayla asked. "a little sore but I'll be fine" I said sitting up. "I'm so sorry for getting you guys into this." she said. "cmon it isn't your fault he's such a scumbag" I said giving her a hug. "So what's the plan for retaliation" mike asked. I looked at my bro. "want to have a flash from the past?" I asked smiling. "what you have in

The Show

a step wrong in their eyes. The evidence of her stage interest lined the walls of their family room, from her first performance in preschool as a sunflower to her senior year in high school playing Sandy in Grease.Martha was level headed and sensible, earning a degree in business while keeping the stage as a place to get away from everything

The Patient Cures the Nurse

to the Doctor’s office, but Dr. Weeler and her staff made it as painless as possible. I had been going to Dr. Weeler since moving to town about ten years ago. She and the staff were great. I arrived at Dr. Weeler’s office, signed in, and sat down to check some e-mails. After a short wait Kelly opened the door and called me back to an exam room.

Mama knows best part 1.

said Ricky. I slipped off my jeans, then shirt, and then panties, then I put on my bikini top first, and lastly the bottom because I hope he would see. I was starting to mature, and get curvy and get the perfect boobs. I loved my body. But not as much as I loved his. Maybe playing around with him a bit couldnt be too bad. So Ricky, can you find

Haunted by the Futa Ghost 13: Possessed by the Futa Ghost

She was naked, her round breasts jiggling, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her pussy gaped open, shadowy appendages ramming into her depths like cocks. Juices fell like rain from her sex, pouring into the Daimyo's open mouth.He, too, was naked, his hand jerking his cock as he drank the pussy juices. “PUSSY!” he howled. “Bring me more PUSSY!”“No

Puppy Love Ch. 06

never mentioned it.’ ‘That’s because I haven’t told them yet. I was going to talk to them tonight, but then Dave went and dropped that bomb,’ he laughed. ‘I’ve been seeing someone for a while now, but I didn’t want to bring him over until I talked to them about it first. It’s not that I’m afraid they won’t accept it, just – well, you’ve seen how

The Bell Ringer Ch. 02

the nurse came in and said, ‘Are you accepting lady callers?’ with a twinkle in her eyes. Not knowing whom it might be I just shrugged my shoulders. A few minutes later Annie came bouncing in, dressed in a long black wool skirt and a white turtleneck sweater with a black beret perched on her head. She was holding a bouquet in her hands, it was

Funny Face

excited children were all talking about what their costumes were going to be. Janice ruined it though when she pointed at Funny Face and said, ‘She doesn’t need a mask. She already has a funny face.’ The other children laughed until the teacher made them stop. In January it was too cold for the children to play outside, so the teacher had them


her to turn over on to her back. As she did so, she glanced toward the waves. She noticed several men, young and old, seemed to be moving their blankets to get a better look at her near naked beauty. Tom instructed her to arch her back like she was stretching and separate her legs a little. Her movements in compliance sent an audible whisper of

Party Crasher

breath is hot against her neck as I flip her blonde hair over her shoulder and kiss her neck. The tension running through her body, she knew the direction my lustful action will lead. Susan struggles against me, as she feels my hard cock against her ass. " Let go of me." She said with venom in her words. " No." I whispered into her ear. Her body

f***ed by dad and b*****r

but strong man who looked very good for his age. We spent the entire night talking about university and work, we knew that that our father loved to hear about what we we’re up to. My dad told us to get a goodnight’s sl**p because he had a surprise for us the next day. Before I went to sl**p i decided i needed a shower, while bathing I realized

Fun filled night home alone

drag i heard a twig snap. I spun around to where i heard it and didnt see anyone. I thought i was probably just so tired that i was hearing things. I finished my cig and went back inside. I went around and locked all the doors but forgot about the patio. I shut off all the lights and went to my room. I took off my robe and slipped on a

Dick or Treat-The XO Halloween Fundraiser

minutes they will switch and you’ll be sucking a new cock. The object of the game is to make them cum. The first-place winner gets fifty percent of the winnings, second place will get thirty percent, and third place gets twenty percent. Now, so you all understand better, if twenty guys pony up twenty-five bucks each, we collect five-hundred

All Things to All People Ch. 03

the soliloquy, Mark had rang things up and Gloria paid the $54 charge with a $100, stuffing the non-twenties in the Jerry’s Kids box. Come on girl. Let’s get you to where you can clean up. Now, if you want to make it, charge enough to be worth it for you and not enough to scare them away. Me, I charges $50 for a blow, you know what a blow is?

Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 3

say something.” Kent walked over to her and tried to hold her hands. She pulled her hands away, “Kent, don’t touch me right now.” She knew that if he touched her, she wouldn’t be able to have clear thoughts or think without her pussy involved. “Wow! This is not going how I thought it would go. I thought this is what you wanted.” Kent pushed on.

Teaching Tammy, part 2

pinched and rolled one of my nipples around, and cum started to spurt fast and hot into the back of my throat. The cum in my mouth was my least favorite part. Every time I would try to jerk away, and every time he and Mildred would hold me in place until his dick started to shrink. This time, however, after his dick came out of my mouth with a

Coward Little Housewife

at the mobile and saw it was 2:30 now. He asked me to get up, which I did. He made me stand again and asked me to turn around. I turned around as he asked. He asked me to keep my palms on the wall and bend down. I was confused, what was in his mind.Now my husband has tried doggy position few times, so I thought he must be interested also. I

Wife at a party

and more stopping to play with her very erect nipples. She kept her eyes closed and started to squirm a little. Steve then being a little bolder started to rub her leg higher and higher till he was coming close to reaching her now puffy lips. Gary then leaned his head over and started to suck her right nipple and play with her left with his hand

My What if Guy

enough to make me feel petite, which I often forget I am. I’m 5’2” and have always been athletic. As a result, I have rather nice ass and flat stomach, with c-cups to top it off. Just a note: Roland has always been my “what if” guy. We’ve never had the chance to be together but he and I have this chemistry that I imagine would translate

Sex and the Extended Family: Part 1

hot pre cum dripped like scalding drops of hot water on my quivering stomach. Slipping his own hand between my widely spread thighs he started working on my swollen pussy lips and jutting little love button. Slowly, ever so slowly so as to not hurt me, he worked first one, then two and finally three fingers inside my virgin hole, stretching my

The Neighborhood Chapter Six: Lucy

Green Lantern on them. “Borrowed them from Danny,” he explained. Danny and Lucy walked in behind him, grabbed beers and joined us on the patio. As she had the previous two visits, Lucy slipped her top off. She stretched, then stretched some more, then pirouetted. She ran a finger down Paul’s chest to the waistband of his low-rise gray briefs. She

School Term Paper part 2

doing it with his clothes on, now can we? Now turn around and lets go in before someone walks by and see him standing here naked. Debbie turned Jenny around and ushered her through the door and I closed it behind us. As they walked past me Jennys head was on a swivel and her eyes stayed glued on my cock and balls. As Debbie finished the

A Mickey Mouse Club of One

be considered parody. All characters and trademarks belong to their respective owners, and nothing within should be taken seriously. * * * * * A story of a man finally meeting the lady of his dreams to make a fantasy very likely become the love of his life Disneyland is a wonderful place…the happiest place I have been told. And, it has always

Allie and I re-connect on Facebook

looked great in her pic....damn near the same as the last time I saw her. Obviously she was older now, but I could still see the great smile and twinkle in her eyes. I wrestled with the thought of even sending her a message. After we lost touch, I knew she got married and didn't know if she wanted any contact from me, even though we parted on

A Most Fortuitous Event

warm moisture.  Her skirt was high above her waist, her long slender leg stretched out onto the table, her hot honey hole no longer hid from anyone in the bar.“You know what Daddyo?  We’re going to have us some fun tonight,” she told me.  Then she hopped her naked butt spreadeagled onto my lap and grabbed me by the neck.  Her lips pushed onto

Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

to moan. Every time I moaned Julia would fuck me harder. In a minute, Julia made me cum again in a massive orgasm. Julia then pulled out of me, and lay back on the bed. I wasn’t done yet. I climbed onto Julia and started to ride her cock. Julia put her hands around my waist and started to make me fuck her harder and faster making me cum in the

Asian wife

she went down on me cleaning every bit of her cum, and i got on the doggy doing the doggy , , i took my cock into her pussy deeper while pulling her hair like i was ridding a horse, it was much looser than before, she was screaming that thats the biggest cock she has seen and love the way it feel so i started to pump her and ask her that her

A Welcomed Guest 9

them both fiercely also. He banished Bast to the skies above the night side of earth. Sekhmet he banished to the earth on the day side." "Wait being this close to earth, didn't they have any power from those humans that still believed in them?" Ephus asked. "You would think so but cut off from the god realm they had very few powers. There are

My Life 7 – 3-some with my sister and my best mate

carefully lifted myself up allowing him to rubbed one finger across my anus. Suddenly without warning I felt my orgasm approach. Here he comes&hellip, Colin obviously recognized the signs. Once again I came in my sisters mouth, and once again she bravely swallowed everything that I spurted into her. Fuck me, Im impressed! Colin whispered as I

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 5

tender area just under my balls with his thumbs as he sucked on my cock. I could feel his fingers edge towards my man hole but he was in no hurry to get there yet. The pressure in my balls was starting to build although I felt far from shooting my hot load down daddy's warm hungry throat. I wanted to grab my cock and jerk it hard and fast right

Self Destructive

summer night at a bar along the Sacramento River and that meant there were a lot of boats coming and going at the bar. I like boats. Around ten o'clock this charming man who reminded me of a particular older actor came along and bought me a drink and struck up a conversation with me. That went on until just after eleven when he asked me if I'd


grab my hair and push my mouth deeper down on to his thick shaft. I gagged a little but continued to deep throat his dick. Working his hips, Austin moved his dick in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t long until Austin grunted, “Uuugh…I’m gonna cum.” Austin may have coerced me into sucking his dick, but did he really think that I was going to let

Jess Ch. 05

of my juice clung to its head and slid it up my slit to my clit. Jon was my joystick. I slowly moved his cock head around and around my clit, sending small shockwaves through my body every time it touched the right spot. I put my heels on Jon’s shoulders and worked his cock up and down through my lips, rounding my clit at one end and dipping

Champagne Seduction

me close to your body. As we kiss, I stroke your sated, relaxed prick, and I am amazed to find it soon growing firm once more. With a twinkle in your eye, you grin and say to me, “He’s not through with you yet.” Positioning yourself between my legs, you thrust your hard cock deep inside my drenched and welcoming pussy and begin moving in and out

The Twelve Tables Ch. 24

was the best outcome for her and his children. He had told her, at the time, he couldn’t be there, none of his family could be seen to be supporting Nik. Still, the bond he had shared with Nik should have made him more responsive to her death, Peri thought. She gave a half smile as she came out of the bedroom dressed for the memorial. Dante

lactating hot wife - Chapter 4 - Jill takes two

rely on breast feeding to protect me from an unwanted pregnancy. I was now mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to be available for either or both of my men for the next three months. The following weekend: I seldom got Amy settled down in her crib much before nine thirty or ten o'clock each night. Both Chris and Glenn had to leave the

The Face at Her Window

was charged. Why would she leave the room to call 911?The woman came back. She left her bedroom door wide open so that more light entered. She carried something in her right hand that the voyeur couldn't recognize. She kept it out of sight in her hand. It was obvious, though, when she went to her dressing table and picked up her hairbrush. Went

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 07

the woman how it all was. ‘Absolutely fantastic,’ she replied with a huge smile. ‘I’ll be back here again frequently, I can see that. Who needs a partner with a Sybian?’ Julie was pleased for her and watched as another woman in the group had a similar experience. Dana was overseeing a station where women could experience riding a wooden horse.

No Name

in the bar, this tall, dark Irishman with the burning eyes.“It’s dangerous for a woman to be standing out here alone, at night,” he growled in her ear.When she entered Buskers Bar & Boomerang Night Club, after a day at the Dublin Writers Festival, it was filled with boisterous men screaming their support for their favorite team. Large-screen

Face Buried in Big Tits

about boobs. Now hers were enhanced which is ok. Some people don't like that but I am ok with it. Nice tits are nice tits! Her shirt was low cut and she pulled it down so that her nipples almost popped out. Fuck her tits were so amazing! I just kept staring and staring. I just could not help myelf. I was mesmorized by those fucking tits!After a

My First Creampie

like to rub it in, like a lotion…said it was good for her skin. ‘I’m cumming!’ I cried. ‘In it or on it?’ ‘BOTH!’ she said. Wow, I thought. She’s never asked for that before. So I proceeded to fulfill the lady’s request. The first two jets of cum went up her cunt and the last three went on her outer lips. Lying back, exhausted for the moment, my


flesh. “Oh,” he muttered, clawing blindly at the ground to find his wand. He needed to try to stop the bleeding. There was a scream. Gabriella was standing over him. “Hi,” he breathed. “Bit of a mess, eh?” His elbow gave out and he landed flat on his back. “I… I thought you said it never gets cold here.” He began to shiver uncontrollably. Blue

Raising Peter Chaptr 14

need to get some things straight to begin with. First thing, my wife, Susan and I are not here just as Beverley’s financial advisers, she and Peter are our neighbors and friends. Peter is also my daughter’s boyfriend and he is also an employee of our company. Whatever you need to discuss will be with Peter present and you can address him as

The frat party

to get to my room without my brothers knowing I was home. I hoped neither of them was in the mood to fuck me that night. Honestly, I had had enough for one night. As I walked down the hall to my room, I heard Mom scream out in climax. I went to her room and opened the door. Derrick was on the bottom with his prick in Mom's ass and my other

Chelles Secrets: Personal Training

usual spot at the gym and took a moment to check herself in the mirror. It was silly to worry about things like makeup and how your hair looked when you were about to go sweat your ass off and work out, but Michelle couldn’t help it. She’d always been a girly girl and looking her best no matter the situation was her “MO”, so to speak. That

Before It Was Popular

a bit nervous. When I mentioned it to him, he told me that his father told him the I was a bit out of his league, too sophisticated for him. His father was wrong. Though I was brought up in an affluent family, and dressed that way, there was always a tigress trying to get out. I had spent most of my adult life with boring, wealthy older men who

Hard to Get

rummaging through my clothes. A knock on the door startled me and I whipped around quickly. “What?” I snarled at my mother, who was standing at the doorway with a pink bathrobe wrapped snugly around her petite frame. Her pretty face gloated at me, “Not so fun waking up early, right honey?” “OK, seriously Mom. I don’t have time for this,” I

A Bit Too Far

his hips, both of us were moaning but we tried (without much success) to keep quiet.I put myself on top of him now and started to move and he grabbed my ass, playing with it but that didn't last long, for soon enough, he was on top again. That time, I took advantage of that position and started to rub his erection through his pants, first slowly

December Rain Ch. 02

do anything’. ‘Well what about clothes. Are they at your hotel’? Marie shook her head from side to side. ‘I wasn’t planning on staying the night. I was just going to make the drive back.’ ‘Well, how far away do you live? Maybe I could…’ but he was cut off by another head shake from Marie. ‘I live in Springfield. That’s almost three hours from

A Ride With Ryan

The car horn had her jumping a mile and when she looked up and saw him sitting there smiling at her - her belly flipped and her heartbeat skipped. 'Fuck!' she thought, 'This'll be torture!'. Getting up, she got in the car."Hey Max. How's it going?" Ryan's smile was friendly."Not bad thanks, just a bit pissed at the trains." she could barely look

Sex Club 1 – Initiation

dick in my grade. Sex Club level 1 – Initiation It was the middle of summer and the only escape from the Florida heat was the community pool, which was perfect because I loved to swim. And show off my body. The pool wasnt open yet, but I loved to get there early to be the first one in, and have the first ten minutes of the day to myself before it

I Kissed A Girl And Liked It! Part I

Leeann and Brad helped her move her things from her car and carried them to the guest bedroom where Ashley would be—just so close for Leeann. What a joy and comfort, Leeann felt.In time, Ashley had started her new job, moved to a brand-new apartment in town and was quickly rising in the company. Within a year of moving to town, she had met Kevin

Layers Ch. 04

as I stop and settle down. A very small growl. When I sit back on my heels again, they pull at my ass cheeks which in turn opens my pussy and I nearly lose it right there. Nearly give into this crazy lust. My mind is in a fog. Fuck. Fuck. So, I stand. And stagger slightly - I'm off centered. My tits pull at me enough to notice. At least enough

Eve in the men's toilet - Part 1

two friends.The three men all had their massively hard cocks out and were slowly stroking themselves as they watched Eve's contemptibly sordid self debasement in the rank filth of the sewer.Feeling so lasciviously sexy, it took Eve no time at all before the dildo plunging into her filthy, piss-soaked pussy, was bringing her on towards a fabulous

We fucked each others brains. The best fuck ever

I’m 33 yo, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.   I always read your erotic stories and it’s now as I’ve decided to write one on my own, the most passionate and widest sex escapade a man can have. This account is a real one and just took place on August this year as I was working in a small business office in Barcelona.   Since my co-workers had

Quilters’ Circle

the dinner dishes, and then I would get my sewing lesson. I went through the motions, gritting my teeth as I pressed and cut the fabric. ‘Always cut with the grain.’ She demonstrated, her thick hands deftly guiding the silver blades. ‘If you don’t, it will never hang straight, no matter what you do later.’ She hung in there, night after night,


there was a wooden wall with a gap. She could see warriors filling in the gap in the wall with trees hewed from the grove that grew nearby. A stream bubbled up from the ground. The air was chill. Night was falling. Penoa raised up her hands and wiped her mouth. The cut on her lip had dried, but she winced. The man spoke, but she could not

Divorcing My Vibe

even more of her shapely legs. No matter how many times she told herself, You’re supposed to be going to bed, she still remained on the couch, pretending to watch the television, but actually watching James in her peripheral vision. She knew he’d noticed, because he frequently glanced toward her. He certainly didn’t seem disgusted by an old

Almost Perfect…

in the night. She lets him see her. Watch her. Enjoy her. She knows he loves her body and she loves allowing him to gaze at it. She watches his eyes as they fall from her shoulders, to her breasts, to her belly, down her hips and past her bare mound. His gaze falls down her thighs and calves and finally back up to her face. She steps forward

Tinas Play Day-Party Girl Journals #2

hook and turned around. Swiftly and silently Mama moved, and much to Tina’s startlement, pinned her up against the far wall, putting her hand over her mouth with a grin and whispered, “Shhhhhh Sweet Baby” into her ear. She then bent to begin biting Tina on the neck and fondling her titties right there. All Tina could do was stand there and moan

I hate you big brother!

"That can be arranged," he spoke in the same haunting voice as before.Britney's eyes shot open when she felt Hayden's hands around her neck. She struggled to lift her arms again, this time cutting her wrists on the twine to the point that they were bleeding. "I'm going to jail anyway," Hayden spit angrily. "I may as well get back at you for

After Work Hours, in the Cupboard

shaft is overpowering, and along with the knowledge that you are coming I can hold back no longer. My hot, milky come floods into your arse, squirt after squirt going into you, balls-deep, though already it starts to seep out between me and the tight seal your anus. Still you ride your orgasm, even after my own has finished. I have to change my

Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 1 – 6th Year Begins

her fantastic breasts.Harry’s mouth dropped in awe. They were absolutely perfect. They were perfectly round, with rosy nipples the size of tic-tacs. Hermione arched herself backwards, stretching her breasts upwards and then she moved her chest towards Harry’s face, so his lips were barely an inch away from her breasts. The animal in Harry

Too Long Without Sex

story… It was the end of the day. I was ready to go home. Suddenly somebody knocked at the door.“Come in,” I said. The door carefully opened and I stood in a pleasant shock: here he was the hero of my fantasies. I didn’t know who it was, but he looked so handsome; a tall, athletically built man. You could see the lines of his well- trained

Disco 99

the time sliding your finger in and out. My moans are replaced by a low growl, “I want you, please take me, take me now!”You come back up to me and I kiss you hard, darting my tongue into your mouth. You suck on it while I wrap your legs around your ass. You reach down and take hold of your dick, rubbing it against my wet opening. I try to push


enough to reassert her priority in his affections. Daniel slept completely unaware of this transaction, but his body noticed and stored this up in its memory.That Friday, April approached Daniel at school and asked him to come over on Saturday to help her with a History assignment that was admittedly difficult to understand. Daniel seeing no

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 02

luxury of enjoying the after glow. Riddick looked across at Lucy, who was now standing. He didn’t believe, she had looked away from them the whole time that Riddick had riding her friend. He kissed Clara on the lips and stroked her neck, he pulled out and slid off her. She looked exhausted and rolled on to her side and closed her eyes. Riddick

When in need, seduce your willing neighbour

I had an older boyfriend who was 17 but he never knew about my solo fun. One day I got bored at home, nobody was in and nothing interesting was on the television. A crazy thought came into my head. … You see my house has a big garden but my neighbour, Penny, lived on the top floor of her house. Her window looked straight down into mine. I would

Son Of Cupid Chapter 4 (The Art Of Masturbation)

dude but you suck at it". "Not one women not one women whose mind I have read that you slept with liked fucking you." I grinned and said "I am going to teach you and change you to be a man woman crave".  "I am also going to show you how to bring yourself better pleasure". "Now" I said "I believe its always best to start with basics". "To be

The Widow Ch. 26

had money, but this summer home was far more ornate than she thought it would be. ‘Come on, let’s go in,’ Larry said. ‘I’m starved.’ He got out of his car, opened the door for Joanne, then led her into what was a very rustic, but cozy apartment attached to the garage. The walls were paneled in what looked like expensive wood and the ceiling

Juanita The Sexy Maid

wife!”“Enough talking! Suck my dick!"Juanita walked over to him in his wife’s lingerie. She undressed him and got on her knees. She held his cock in her hands. She got his cock nice and stiff and opened her mouth. She had on red lipstick on her pretty pouty lips.She held his smooth balls in her hands while she sucked his cock. She kept eye

The Trail

down her running shirt and I saw her pink nipples straining against the shirt. Because I didn't have on my shirt she was laying her head on my bare chest. She nestled against my chest as a baby would its mother's. She had her right hand on my shoulder but, moved it down to my chest. She started to kiss me on my chest. I started getting an

Apocolypse chapter 15+16

and felt what he had bumped. "Is that your thing?"he asked laughing. I nodded. "Why's it so big and hard?" he asked. "Cusyou're sitting on me like that. it makes it feel good." I explained. "How comemines not like that?" he asked. "Well I don't know let me check you out." I saidas I reached around to the front of him to feel his little

Neighbourhood Watch

How can I possibly be the pinnacle of human evolution? How can this body be seen as an intelligent design? In truth there is much I love about who I am. I adore being petite and positively bristle with envy if I meet someone slighter than myself. I have come to embrace being ‘ginger’, wear my hair as a badge of pride and regret that as I’ve grown

Shattered Memories ch2

know what to say, so I said nothing.“You probably think I’m some attention seeking slut, grinding into your dick like that, then pulling this ‘Oh, look at miserable me’ horseshit.”She was venting. I’d learned what her venting voice sounded like earlier, so I remained silent. She didn’t take that too well.“Leave.”It was an order. I thought about

My real life story Part-4

in maids and prostitutes. Uma aunty used to tell me that both with sleep only for money than a Lovely sexual Intercourse. She used to tell me that I should never sleep with them, neat and classy women are better for a healthy sex always.I went home and it was the last day of holidays. I went to her home after uncle has left. She was having her

Paul and Jayne Part 1

got and kept him.When the club closed at 2am, Paul was very much the worse for wear, but certainly not paralytic. The managed to hail a passing cab which took them straight back to Paul’s place. She had to help him get the key into the lock since he was having great difficulty with it. When they got inside, she made him sit down on the

A Ghostly Haunting-Chapter Nine

Two stories with seven bedrooms, a formal dining room, informal dining room, living room, family room, five full bathrooms, and two offices. This place was a mansion. A sign hung over the drive way, which read Reihnholt Ranch. About a hundred yards behind the house was huge barn where Mr. Reihnholt kept his 10 horses. A smaller building was

72 Hours of Lust - Part 3

was too give. Finally he backed away from her and looked down. Traci was panting, staring up at her young lover, a few drops of cum on her chin, a few more slowly soaking into her breasts. "You were wonderful." She panted, still trying to catch her breath. "So full." "How about if I repay the favor?" Eric replied reaching out to help

les - michelle and barbara

a shimmering light blue,lightly padded bra. Michele reached behind Barbara, unhooked the bra,and gently pulled it forward and down. Though not large, Barbara'sbreasts were well shaped and full, firm, high, and crowned withquarter-sized areolas which stood firmly, almost like a breast on abreast. "Oh! They ARE beautiful." On sudden impulse,

Back from Iraq

between joyous reunions like a great lean lion. My mind and body pressed tightly to yours, lost in the getting reacquainted touches and breathless kisses and murmured love words, my knees almost collapsed underneath me as a hot wave of need made me so weak against you. You chuckled, knowing the effect you have on me, almost scooping me up and

Her Secret Fantasy

Ann, however wanted to satisfy on of her fantasies, but never told Jack what it was. She felt the surprise might make the experience that much better. Jack didn’t like to shop to much because Ann is always running around from store to store trying to get the best deal possible where as Jack goes into the store knowing already what he is going to

Sasha Ch. 05

pulled me into the water. I was terrified, and screamed and tried to run away, but he was much stronger and pulled me out further and further. I looked up on the cliff, surprised to see Sasha, standing, watching the whole thing, but not making a move to help me. ‘He’s not going to save you,’ Dylan sneered. The waves came crashing over my head.

A Day at the Lake

are soft but firm as she rubs the oil into your skin and you close your eyes letting the sweet massage relax you. Suddenly you feel her tug at the strings of your top and the bow gives as the strings fall away. Her hands continue rubbing in the oil, sliding up and down your sides. She slips her hands beneath you and begins caressing and fondling

My Trip

was looking forward to us taking her there. That week Catherine phoned her to apologize, that due to staff shortages at the library she could not take the time off. They chatted for some time both expressing the usual disappointment at the change of plans, Lillian said it would be a problem for her to reschedule the meeting for another time.

Helping Sylvia (Part 3)

did John's groans of passion. He was very close, she could tell, feeling his cock swell in her ass hole. He was so fucking deep and then he suddenly started gushing out come into her hole. It was hot and it made her have an immediate, huge orgasm. She cried out with pleasure. He kept pumping in and out, feeding all his spunk to his stepmother. As

The Randy Adventures of Long John Thomas the Pirate King

several hours ago and she had no idea where she currently was, but was a nice day and the sea was calm so she knew couldn’t complain. Not that these things were the biggest concern at sea. No, what they really needed to worry about were pirates! It was common to hear of noblemen and women falling foul of these demons of the sea and there was one

Alone in the Storeroom

tasks like this, so she volunteered and looked around the group for help. The boss looked at Sean and said he could help. Then the rest of the staff left the area. Sean and Candice had known each other for several years, and worked well together, though Sean did not seem that excited about this task. They started to take things off the shelves

The Journal

my deepest and most secret fantasies. Whenever I am interested in somebody, I start a new journal and I write all sorts of sexy things into the book. Then when I get it just right, I purposely leave it in the possession of the person, who I want to have sex with. Lately, I've been interested in my brother’s friend Nick. I purposely left my

Ass to Mouth: Servant to the Aristocracy

only just breaking, and he saw just a few students wrapped in fashionable fall coats, walking whisper-quiet to their early morning classes. Brad smiled, enjoying the sheer idyll of this place. It was like a living poster, so idyllic as to seem unreasonable. But sure enough, classic old brick classroom buildings with stone gargoyles regularly

A death in the family

has now taken to sleeping in the spare room and our sex life is non existent. I need sex, regularly. Two months without is far too long. I need a man! Better still, two men!Last week I received a nasty little letter from Allan’s wife. Apparently she’d arrived home early and caught Jamie watching a filthy, disgusting and degrading video. No need

Two Wrongs - Part Three

I will let you.” “Let me?” Ann said scornfully. “Let me? You won’t just let me you will do precisely as I say. I cannot believe you let this happen. So yes I am going to spank you.” Emily was taken aback by the ferocity of Ann’s response. However, she supposed it was only to be expected. She even knew what she was going to ask once Ann told her

Starting Over

her. She collapsed into my arms, the both of us panting heavily. I pulled the edge of the blanket over the both of us, as we laid there blissfully watching the campfire flicker in the night. It didn't take long before her breathing changed as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I leaned down, kissed her softly on the top of her head, before

Teased by Sister in Law

as I sucked as much of our fluids out of her as I could. As I finished my cleaning of this lovely tasting pussy, Laura pulled me up so she could plant a soft, but tasty kiss on my lips. She whispered "thank you" in my ear.I quietly slipped off her bed, reached down, retrieved my undershorts, slipped them on, then as quietly as I could stepped

CHOGM Pt. 03

thrashed around in the throes of passionate lovemaking for at least an hour and three quarters before exhaustion eventually took its toll and they separated as far as the bed would allow and drifted off to their individual and collective slumbers. 19 Sydney Morning Herald Thursday February 9, 1978 INQUIRY EXPECTED ON ASIO FILES CHARGE. The

Giving Another Man Head became as Easy As 1 2 3…

of marriage we have enjoyed a vast unique variety of sexual encounters. We have written about some of most erotic situations we have shared. While some may say that our sexcapades are nothing less than scandalous, we beg to differ it was our pleasure. In our life together, we never don’t worried about cheating or insecurities as we are entrusted

Chapter VI — Another cousin

Bobby reached out with his tongue, and pressed against my clit. He hadnt forgotten anything we had taught him. Amy now opened her eyes to this 69 scene, and said, God. You are both sex monsters. Our mouths were both engaged, so we didnt deny it. Amy had just awakened, so she was still a little groggy. I withdrew Bobbys cock from my mouth

The Ice Queen Cometh (Or How Roy And I Got Back On Track)

together, not long term, but we persisted. It was convenient, we had lots of mutual friends and interests, and we were both earning enough money to give us a pretty comfortable lifestyle. We were in with this tight little circle of fairly decent people. We all mostly got together every weekend to begin with, but in last last year or so a few of

Close Knit 2: Dirty Little Mom

time was probably a fluke, a one-time thing. But the horny side of me didn't really care, and already had my legs moving out of the kitchen and towards my parnents' bedroom. I liked my horny side.          I made no effort to be quiet. I simply walked into their bedroom and ambled casually across the room, opening their bathroom door as if I'd

One summer afternoon - Part 3

see right inside her gaping arse even as Michelle’s wonderful tongue probed along the crevice between her cheeks and dipped in and out of her clean little puckered hole. The thought of her lover enjoying all of this drove her to distraction. She gasped and groaned and clutched at the bed linen, as Michelle’s tongue slithered and played all

Summer Vacation Ch. 17

he slipped out from under the bed. He realized he didn’t have any clothes on. They were on the floor of his room where he’d left them before he chased Kim into her room. Kim giggled softly and said, ‘Wow! That was close.’ Tommy sat on the bed. ‘Yeah, it sure was,’ he agreed. ‘Your mom would’ve had a fit if she’d found me in here.’ He chuckled.

The Model, Revisited

my body. His tongue darted into my pussy; I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pushed his head down. I couldn't control myself, he was going to make me come. He pushed a finger into me, and dragged it back out, then twisted it as he pushed back in. He added a second finger and went for my g-spot. He found it and stroked it, pressing it hard. While

young love

again. This time it would go all the way. I went to Jessica’s house not expecting anything to happen. She was sitting in her bed and she looked so sexy. I knew i had to have her. After talking for awhile things started to get hot. i sat closer to her on the bed and put my hand on her thigh. she was so soft and i moved closer, she leaned

Hot Tub

floor, and in the bed. By Tuesday morning neither of us was in the mood anymore but I am not complaining. I woke up Wednesday with my wife reading the brochure of all the activities at the resort. When she got to the pool and hot tub she fell silent. We forgot our bathing suits. My wife loves to swim. She started to get mad at each of us for


she was sore but didn’t complain. She rubbed my cock squeezing every drop out of me. We just laid on the floor in silence. I felt obligated to have her spend the night. Sara seemed enthusiastic about it. We showered together and got into my bed. We had sex, missionary and doggie, two times before falling asl**p. The next morning I woke up and

The Sisters Game – Part 2

never forget. Our eyes met and there was a fire raging there that I had never seen before. Andrea walked over to me, took my hand and lead me to a chair. She pushed me down to sit in the chair with a soft hand on my chest. Wearing only a bra and panties, she began to dance around me, gently tracing a line along my neck and shoulders with a single

A Tryst with Tera Patrick

thanks to Jenna, Tawny and Sunny, don’t you guys think that was hot?’ Again the convention center thundered in applause and cheers. ‘Yeah, awesome’, Tera smiled, ‘god you guys are so great, I just wanna open by thanking you all for the monster support you give both me and Teravision, it means so, so much. Now I know I haven’t really been in front

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 101: Barbie Lez

her tongue or her fingers, but wave after wave of arousal washed over me, reminding me it didn’t matter. She fucked me, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the strength with each new penetration. In no time as all, I was moaning at the top of my lungs as an orgasm grew within me.I wanted to warn her of my impending climax, but I feared she

Boarding school

my eyes. Then from the bed next to mine came a whisper "were have you been?" "i went to the toilet" i replied "for 3 hours the voice replied" "ok ok, i went to the shop, i will give you some Kit Kat, if you don't tell no one" i moaned , i had recognized the voice as being Sam's, now knowing he wasn't going to tell i closed my eyes.The thing with

Choto Temple Ch. 11

much more subtle. I do want to go back to the Temple, I’ve decided. But I think I should test myself further, and see if I really want this. It’s been very hard to keep the Device on when I’ve constantly known I could now remove it at any time. But then, it occurred to me, what would be harder still would be to remove it, while maintaining the

Afternoon Delight

he had been through up to this point had taught him to just stick to the routine massage techniques he had learned, so, he continued, trying as hard as he could without the use of his hands to conceal the now all too visible bulge in his pants.  Bianca decided that maybe some conversation would help, she could talk about anything at all so long

weekend fantasy, chapter 3

I slowly slid into your other love opening. Very slowly we both went all the way inside you then started moving in unison. I caressed your breasts and nipples from the rear, Rob played with your clit as we both moved in and out of you. In unison we three orgasmed, in unison our juices mixed so good it felt so complete. Softening in you we all

Wolfs Lair

assume that the only common link between myself and this faceless young Wolfgang must be our shared tendency to indulge in vice. That he was from a well-to-do family goes without saying, but I know you appreciate that kind of detail. In fact you may be acquainted with said family, for I have since learned that they have connections in town. If I

Resort Weekend Together

but she suddenly feels a hand on her naked breast. She sucks in a quick breath as he lightly pinches her nipple between his fingers. He doesn’t make a sound, doesn’t say a word, but he reaches up and smooths her hair from her face with one hand while he silently reaches into the scented water of her bubble bath to lightly caress her inner thigh.

The Bend in the Road

that seem to need doing at the approach of weddings. Parents meeting parents, this and that to book, measurements taken, dresses ordered, clerical gentlemen to be interviewed by, and the myriad other details to be attended to. One week before the wedding Patrick and Sally had the house to themselves. Sally’s parents had gone to see an opera.

You Need to be Punished

my knee, I repeated with more force than before, making sure that she knew I was serious about this command. Julies doe-like eyes stared at me in disbelief before she reluctantly obeyed my order and laid her torso across my lap, her thinly covered cunt resting against my thigh. I let my gaze wander down the length of her spine, her soft flesh

My Demon Lover

at a time and raises them above my head, onto his shoulders, so my body is taut and craving his touch once again. As I feel his body rubbing and caressing my back, I put my hands behind his neck, tugging the hair at the nape in my impatience for him to continue. He lets out a sexy laugh, knowing exactly what I want and need, running his hands

Luc & Jenny- chapter 3

hard pink nipples adorned the two white globes surrounded by the dark pink areolas. Her belly was flat and just below it there was the pink slit that marked the entrance to her love tunnel. A slight breeze caught her hair and brown strands of it flew across her face as she jumped into the water.When she came up, she was shivering.‘Damn that water

The Coronation of a Cuckquean

She doesn't need a bra, nor she's wearing one.Jason's eyes kept wandering down her chest when they sat around the table downstairs. Nichole bent over when she laughed, and Jason couldn't help it even if he tried. It was almost as if he was expecting one of them to fall out -- a stray nipple escaping the confines of her attire. But he will see

The French Lady

when the cool air hit it. I treated her left nipple lovingly in the same fashion and was rewarded with a small shudder. Her aureoles, which had been pink when I had started, where now dark red. I decided to work my way down to her belly button, kissing every inch of skin I could find. She shrieked when I swirled my tongue in her belly button and


buns teasingly… Then back up to work the next area of tightness… when you get to my cheeks, you squeeze and caress them as I moan in pleasure beneath you.I try to turn over so you can enter me, but you hold me down and continue to torment me…. I spread my legs far apart – so you can touch my cunt and clit – at first you ignore the invitation –

The Paper Demon Chapter One

car drives by, windows down with their music blaring. Thanks jerk-wad for sharing. Damn, what am I doing out here? Clearing my head… I really hate that bitch. Another car drives by, a little too close. A house with a messy yard to the left and the door wide open, a couple arguing inside, loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. I feel

An Evening in the Lounge

has arrived.’   I am confused until He tells me to take off my shoes and leave them by the door.   My heart begins to sink.   The removal of shoes is a ritualistic part of my preparation for punishment whenever I enter The Special Room.   Nervously I do as he wishes and then I notice The Chair has been brought here and placed in the center of the

Vacation Part 8 (Tina 2)

what I might want.” I use one hand to try and open her ass. I manage to get it open enough to push the head of my vibrator inside. It is so wet from her juices that it slid in. Even though it is wet it takes work to get in all the way in her ass. I hold the vibrator in her ass as she continues sliding up and down my throbbing cock. I feel the

Aunty and I

and wanking and at some point I drifted off to lalaland.When I woke up two things immediately caught my attention.A. I was naked, my pjs having worked there way down to my feet, I don’t where a top. And,B. My aunt was in the kitchen.My blanket was flipped back so that only my dick was showing. My dick (GODDAMNIT) had been at halfmast but was

Being Mr. Miller's Slut - Part 2

pants, eyes glued to Duke eating my little snatch and pulled out his semi-hard cock. It was fatter than Mr. Miller’s but didn’t look as long. He climbed up on the bed next to me, and placed his cock in my mouth finally looking at me in the eyes. I moaned and closed my mouth over his cock, looking over at Mr. Miller who had his own cock out

A 101 – Forced Perspective

clothes back on first,’ Julia said. ‘Answering the door to Anna naked, twice in one day, is bound to get the neighbours talking.’ ‘Girl,’ Karen replied, chuckling, ‘they’ve got you into some seriously kinky shit.’ When Anna returned, it was late in the afternoon. The BBC’s afternoon detective shows had come to an end, and there was nothing to

Birthday gifts for Jill

own two feet.”   Joey had lost his job and was about to start working for his friend who was in construction business.    Joey stayed in our guest bedroom on the main level which also had an attached bathroom and that worked out well for all of us.   Dan was not much of a talker and due to his work hours Dan hardly saw or spoke to Joey

A Present for Momma

room, I noticed the door was partly open and the low light of candles burning softly. From the darkened hallway I could see clearly inside to the bed and after picking my jaw off the floor, I could see Momma and Johnny making love. Momma who was wearing a shear black satin teddy that was open to expose her firm breasts and she was sitting on

Tying Daddy

You nodded your head.“Ok, I’m gonna take the gag out, but if you talk, I’m gonna put the gag back in your mouth, get off your cock & leave you tied up.” This statement was received by more nods. I took the gag out of your mouth and you opened it. I place my nipple in your mouth and you started sucking my breasts. I commenced riding your cock

The Professor, 2 Part

shaped legs as resulting  daily  gym work.    She’s  also the owner of such gorgeous breasts.   A tiny waist that resembled a cute  mouse with long neck.  She has   blue eyes, thin sensual lips, especially perceived when she sometimes bit  them shily, or if a stranger hand   sneaked under her skirt.  She also is a natural blonde,  that  dress

Giving Mom A Helping Hand

stud.”Glancing around the room, I noticed we were the only ones there, everybody else went to either the main weight room where all the machines were or went to use the other amenities.“So did I, Erin.” “Thanks for your help today, maybe the two of us can get together soon.”“You mean, like a date?”“Yes, Josh, I'll call you in a couple of

Sharin and Marcus

the shock on his face. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear. His cock as only half hard but it was very nice. Not too large, but not small it looked to be a good 8 inches when it was hard. Marcus reached down and tilted her face up to look at him. "You like to be treated like this don't you. You really are a slut

A young teacher returns to the town

her tongue to swab between the lips, causing mybutt to grind into the couch cushions below me. Icouldn’t help but to spread my legs wider as Everavaged my sopping cunt with her probing tongue. I knewshe was going to cause me to explode with an orgasm,and I was angry at myself for being so turned on,knowing that the other three, especially Weasel,

Sex Kitten

tongue, taking care to trace the deep vein in the underside with the tip, as your hips being to pump. Your cock rubbing over my cheeks and forehead with your thrusting, you hand holding me in place, I slide my other hand up to wrap my warm, soft fingers around you, pumping slowly. My fingers alternately playing along the length of your shaft,

My evil dominating twin sisters

said you will if you don’t want everyone to see this I came and sat back down on the floor and said I will do what you say sis I was smacked instantly I yelled and she said its master not sis they both jus chuckled and said this is going to be fun I knew then and there that my hell has just begun My first story hope you like it I would appreciate

Heart of the Sunrise Ch. 05

were walking impatiently along the pier, medics in orange jackets stood beside the men who would handle lines as the boat docked. There was an air of professional detachment about the men milling around up there that told Berensen someone was in serious trouble, and they studiously ignored him while he maneuvered around the quay and tied off to a

Knox County Ch. 09

have time for this. ‘Elizabeth, you need to get to University Medical Center,’ Aimee said. ‘It’s Sean. And Will. They’ve . . . they’ve . . . .’ She heard Aimee’s voice breaking, sobs overtaking her. ‘What Aimee? What’s happened?’ Elizabeth felt queasy and dizzy. ‘They’ve been shot,’ Aimee sobbed, and Elizabeth gasped. ‘They were flown out from

Sex Class

'I'm Dr. Ciaran Kennedy, a sex therapist. This is...Jill. She's my assistant."She appreciated the change of name. She didn't appreciate their stares.They each got to tell their story. The fat guy was Joe, married, but not really having sex anymore and when he did, his wife never seemed to orgasm. That side of their life had never been great, but

Beth and Sam

or after work.  She accepted the invitation and gave me her business card. I saw that she was in the same business as I was; she worked for an Architect. Of course, that led to more discussions about the work, when I found out that she didn’t just work for the firm; she was the firm.  I hadn’t caught her last name on our initial meeting.  I am an

Every boys dream

no one can enter or leave. I think about Mariana taking all of her clothes off expect for her socks. And she does and her boobs. They are medium sized and perky. I command her to start sucking my dick while carter watches. Carter stands up and I think about him not being able to move but him being able to talk and see and hear what we are doing.

Game of Love Ch. 01

thought, it all looked so tacky and obvious. She was shocked as she saw Crystal grabbing the vaginal unit from her pouch and squeezing it into her jeans right there between the machines. And then she was popping the ‘M-269 breast teasers’ into her bra, without a second thought. No one was using this line of machines, but surely some horny

A Changing Life Ch. 01

‘What’s wrong.’ I asked her. She looked at me and suddenly she began to cry. ‘We have to move again. I cannot afford to fix this dump.’ I rubbed my face in my hands trying not to look upset than looked over at my sisters who had tears in their eyes now. I don’t know what it was but I began to take charge.’ Look mom. The school year is about to

House Sitting Adventure

said, “Put these in your mouth. Taste her while I fuck you. Imagine eating her pussy while my cock fills yours.” WOW, once again, we had similar thoughts! Of course, I did as I was told, placing Pam’s dirty panties in my mouth. I could both taste and smell her. It was so exciting, a big cock fucking me from behind, Pam’s essence in my mouth and

The Love of a Huntsman

delicious roundness of her buttocks. Once dressed she turned around and he nodded approval. Although seeing her covered upset his raging desire, a new energy crept into his loins and pounded through his member as he saw her silhouetted in green silk. It wasn’t too late to plunder her treasures, to throw her to his bed, to pull the soft fabric up

Trilogy: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

again for some time, Henry. We’ve had a lot of good times over the years, and I thank you for all you did for us, for me, in that time.’ Henry Wargrave shook Corrigan’s hand. Despite his irritation at Corrigan, he did acknowledge that they indeed had shared 30 years of collaboration on many CIA projects, as well as ‘off the record’ projects that

In the Changing Room

eyes were locked on my lower half, clearly waiting for me to raise my skirt. Instead, I surprised her by unfastening the catch and dropping it to the floor, exposing my jet-black thong to her wide-eyed stare. "Wow," Mandy whispered, "that looks really hot!" I could tell that she was aroused, and my heart throbbed at the possibility that this

Mrs Dot

the bed and explored one another until I was hard again. I climbed on top and she again guided my erection inside her. Her pussy felt fantastic, hot, wet and her muscles squeezed my dick causing terrific sensations. “Fuck me from behind,” she panted and I knelt behind her. I stared at the site before me, her arse was indeed beautiful and her

Gray Ghost

All the while the diner car rocking, as the lonesome whistle on the engine blew. It wasn't my mind that had failed me. It was to much gin and vermouth... at least I hope so. We were both features at The Freak Show, where I got off on fucking with both cocks. One in the ass and one in the cunt. All for a nickel in 1870. With each lurch and rock

My Hot Aunt Babysitting Me

felt. Finally after so much build up all the tingling felt like it exploded out of my thing. It felt like nothing ever has. It was the best feeling in the world! She moaned and slid slowly up and down on my thing a few more times and then rolled off me and onto her back.She reached down and spread her thing open and told me to look at it.“You see


I have changed the names. Rusty was glad it was Friday because he had the weekend off. He headed out the main gate of the Naval Air Station, turned left and walked 200 yards to the small covered city bus stop. Rusty would make the city bus to San Francisco. This had been his routine for the past fourteen months when he had the weekend off. This

Dont Worry Cupid Has a Plan

Young Rob was Wendy’s son and Yumi had helped tutor him in math when he was sixteen until he was eighteen. This past summer when he had turned nineteen she had even helped him get his first summer college internship at her company. As a thirty-five year old divorcee and “damaged goods” she felt she had no business picturing innocent young Rob in

Cherry Hill Ch. 04

from tieing him. He shut the notebook and slipped it back into the box on the closet shelf. The fantasy was to hot, and meant to much to Linda. If he didn’t go through with it, then she certainly find one of her art students or one of her nude models to help her with her little dream. Shrugging his shoulders he decided he take her to John’s and

Her Victorian Bottom Thrashed

awakened Prudence, the days had been sexually listless for Henry, her husband, was away on business. The sunlight flickered through the swaying branches of the old oak tree which majestically dominated the farthest reaches of their garden, and which underneath Prudence sat in deepest thought whilst trying to read the Times. Thoughts that

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 12

sit back and watch. ‘Well go get ’em.’ Was all it took. Georgie girl was the fastest dog I had ever seen. I figured she had to be Greyhound. The man claimed she was an Australian Whippet. I never heard of such a dog. But apparently they are used for hunting for their speed, but to watch her capture a dog, was a sight to see. She normally passed

The Hawkins Place

that unfinished storage area.’ ‘I’ll need to get a flashlight from the car. It gets very dark in there.’ ‘Okay. While you’re getting the flashlight I’ll take a few measurements.’ I was sure Mava thought I was nuts, or was just wasting her time, but she showed nothing but willingness to accommodate me. I still didn’t have a clue where I was

I AM NUMBER 69 (CAW 12 Entry)

our kiss. ''Are you okay...?'' he asked as he wiped my tears away replacing them with a kisses. ''I'm okay...'' I smiled a sad smile. He continued to making love to me as he kissed my neck and breasts working his way towards my highly sensitive nipples, he was slowly thrusting in and out of my pussy. I held on to his neck and back as he was

Little House

at Nikki's fingers as they dipped in and out of her glistening slit and transferred the slick moisture to her clit."Oh yeah," somebody sighed. Nikki wasn't sure if it was a guy or girl talking, but she felt the same way. Rachel transferred her gaze to Nikki's face."Taste me," Nikki commanded, extending a finger. Rachel swayed backwards away from

Cat Tales

when you touch him right above the tail, or anywhere on the back, really. He appears to need to lick his front leg. Frankly the boy is so big he can’t really keep himself very clean. He can get his front parts just fine, but he can’t clean his back half. I think that this might be where the front-paw-licking-tick comes in. You touch him

Her First and Last Master 3

seemed like forever passed and finally the head of the toy cock was pressed hard to her cervix. But he kept pressing…Even though her body wouldnt allow it any deeper, Adam kept pushing, putting more and more weight behind it. Danyel felt a sharp stabbing pain in her groin and started the whimper and gasp in pain.Unable to speak around the ring

U-N-I Chapter 2

it’s fucking easy to get in and pick up a guy. I just go to their place.”“So, that’s what you’ve been doing then, when I was with Rach?”“Well, yeah… if I’m not with you, then, yeah, that’s what I’m doing,” he said with a light suggestive shrug. “I’d rather be hanging out with you and doing what we did last night, but you know, if you’re gonna be

Wolfen , the origin.

mother and surprised when I spoke saying strip or dies as I put my teeth on the daughters neck. The mother stripped begging me not to hurt her daughter. Once she was naked I stood up over the girl and told her to get on her back. When she was done I was facing her pussy and I told her mother to straddle head. I told the girl to eat her mother and

My first lesbian orgy

something like that, you feel like you want someone else to make the first move. Once I started there would be no stopping me. I think everyone thought the same. In the end, me being me, I sat up and knelt behind Penny and squeezed her boobs through her dress as I kissed her head. That did it. Gemma and Maisie jumped up and began to kiss as I

Training Sarah PArt Three - the trip to the cousins house

had to keep her hand in her panties. My younger cousin, staring at Sarah, looked over at her sister, seeing her erect nipples, for her turn asked her sister if she was getting horny. She looked back at her younger sister, and said no, just having fun watching Sarah do herself. I spotted the same wet mark in her panties that I saw on Sarah's and

Sleepover – The Next Day

and worse, my head was a lead weight. Naked, I got up and went to the bathroom. Crossing the hall I could hear people talking upstairs.Must be them.I closed the door, went about my business and then attempted to brush my teeth with some toothpaste and my finger, not effective but better than nothing. Oh fuck, my head thudded like a drum. I was

Black Students Breed Married White Teacher

you envision where that could happen? I mean, you couldn’t very well fuck them at school, and risk losing your job. And anyway, I’d want to be there to watch.”I thought for a moment and said, “You’re right about that. The key will be to get them to come to our home, and maybe Melanie can help. We’ve become very close, and she’s shared a lot of

My Psychiatry Practice: Part 3

any kind of “hook-up” between them.My plan was to tell each girl about the other and see their reaction. I was afraid that they’d be jealous that I had someone besides them…and I was right.“What do you mean, you have another girlfriend? I thought I was your girlfriend!” Cynthia yelled.“I’m sorry, Cynthia, but I have a psychiatry practice and

Seeing Matts Stars: Part 4

youre feeling as if youre missing out on something is because you dont have God knows how many women on the side to keep you occupied. I dont have to stay here and listen to this. He stood and began collecting his things. No. You certainly dont. You know, Charley, things were going a lot better between us before that stupid movie star showed up.

Encounter at the cove

is a blur, Sharon only comes to herself when she stumbles into her living room, shaking and almost sobbing loudly.Holding herself up on the back of the sofa, Sharon trembles and then feels the heat between her legs and the hardness of her nipples, God she thinks, they’re young enough to be your sons and you’re turned on by them!Hiding for the

What Would You Have Said If You Were Me?

it, but I looked at Chrissie properly for the first time in ages and thought, ’yes, they are right; you DO look hot in that outfit.’ Now we were both dressed, we decided the best thing to do was to go to the bar area where Zoey told us she would be working. That way at least we knew there would be someone there we knew, and we could have a

Family Drama with my Brother (part 1)

like your father.” my mom said.I looked at my brother, his eyes starting to burn with anger.My grandpa spoke, “Your dad’s a liar, Zach, and your mind is twisted and corrupt.” My grandpa stood up, slowly getting closer to where Zach was standing in the house. I was offended.“That‘s funny, coming from a tyrant…” my brother said.My grandma snapped

My Wife.. My Boss Bitch in Heat

then all I could think of was Dons cock forcing in between her juicy puffed up pussylips and it was getting me hard. I have to say that at 45, Amy still looks like the best piece of ass that even a young guy could ask for. She is 56 and at 125# has all the curves in the right places. She doesnt have big tits but nice firm B cup breasts. He called

Amys first time with Anal as a bonus

that's why he sent me.""No," she said, "Go away!""Amy," I said, "He said to remind you about the video." She stared in horror."What video?" she said anxiously."The video where you showed him how much you loved him," I explained, the ones she took with her web cam and I recorded where she showed her tiny bud like tits and the one where she showed

The Island, Chapter 31

proportions initially, but the combined gazes of a dozen naked girls and women surrounding them, along with their own nudity, soon had their pricks twitching and growing. Hormones over brains every time, I thought, concealing a smile behind my hand. Been there, done that, boys.Sara sidled up to my side, and I could see she was flushed and

Summer Job

let her go on for a while, but finally, I pushed her away and rolled her over onto her back. I dove into her delicious, sopping-wet cunt with no abandonment, putting my lips and tongue to work separating her coral-pink pussy lips and thrusting my tongue as deep as I could into the mouth of her cunt. I pressed my face tightly against her

Who Am I? part 1

turned on by the second. I picked up the pace and cupped his balls with one hand. With the other hand I found my pussy and began to rub my clit through my shorts. They were soaked. I couldnt get over how much the feel of his cock in my mouth made me feel smaller. There was control, but submission in being on my knees. Finally I settled on

" I Love You, Mom! "

join her. I didn't want to, for obvious reasons. But she came to me and dragged me out of the couch into the middle of the living room by my hands. She put her arms around my neck and again started dancing in a slow rhythm, with her eyes closed.Well, it's now or never. I placed my hands on her hips and began to move my body to match her rhythm. I

Barbie Box Fantasy part. 1

masturbating obviously she's curious. Nothing was said so I leaned in and kissed my daughter gently on the lips. Once again she froze as if death was upon her. " daddy, I seen some of your movies" she says softly. " really?"" yeah, can you show me?"" show you what honey?"" can you fuck me daddy? Like the girls in the movie. Please daddy" she

The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 3

moments she eased herself off me. There was a box of tissues on the table she handed one to me and took another to wipe herself. I took off the condom, wiped my dick and wrapped the used rubber in the tissue.Leanne stood up. I was about to follow but she said. “No, stay there. There are more johnnies in the drawer, you’ll need one.”With that she

My wife told me she wanted to have a lover or a divorce

photos of my face with Mike big black cockin my mouth. After a few minutes of the flash going of in my face,Mike let me go. Then he climbed back on my wife. Shewas on her back and Mike addressed her cunt with hismassive black baby maker and slowly stared to slide in.I heard Sue make some animal like grunts, groins andmoans as Mike slowly worked

Secret Schooling 2

was being invited over for a sex date. "Think your smooth enough to ask some fine trim like that out? You be trippen' nerd." I tried not to react to the stoner's words, though I may have let a little wry grin slip out. ******************************Author's notes: I'm a lone amateur author so I apologize for any typos you may find (which I'm

Eve’s Choice

Time slowed to a snail’s pace, their mouths drawn like attracting magnets, adjusting the inclination of their smiling lips, anticipating the impending touch, expecting excitement, electricity, as their hot moist lips conjoined. Their mouths touched, lips only, then Adam lightly ran his tongue along her lower lip. His right hand moved behind Eve’s

Mysti Forever

to my relationship with Jaime without a fight. I pull Jaime down again. Lying beside him in bed, I work him onto his back. I straddle him tightly between my legs and ease myself on him. He is now flaccid, but not for long. I begin to rub my pussy over his soft dick, still slippery from all my juices and new ones mixing in. Gaining a good rhythm I

Done by justice

around today, then some pretty hot chicks came and we hooked up with them, but then the cops came and discovered that I had some dope on me. I have no idea how it got there, maybe those chicks planted it. I really don’t know, just help me please and whatever you do don’t tell mum and dad ok?”“Umm Ill see what I can do ok.”“Ok hurry up!!!”Nika was

On the Balcony in the French Alps; Pt2

I said, desperately wanting her to feel more comfortable.“It’s fine Sally, it’s not like you’re intending to have me like Richard just tried.” Carole turned to face me. “Not that I would stop you if you tried.” That caught me off guard but I quickly recovered. “It definitely was quite hot watching you both fucking on the balcony.” I grinned and

The Mighty Quinn

rather rapidly when she had her eye on something or someone. Glory Jacobson was the purveyor of all chemicals, great and small, her mood always positioned between chic detachment and quiet cool, as though she were above everything and everyone. In the inner circle of Manhattan’s beautiful people, Glory was known as a ‘starfucker.’ In Manhattan,


smiled at that. She loved her father, and the sight of his big thick cock had plagued her thoughts ever since she first saw it. If her mom and dad wanted her to play their sexual games, she was only too happy to join in. She nodded her head in agreement, unable to take her eyes off her father’s naked cock. Up close it looked incredibly big to the

Rosemarie Ch. 03

Rejoining the women, they were in a jovial humor and enjoyed a pleasant lunch outside on the grounds of the club. Afterwards, Jake surprised Rose by asking if she would show him the rest of the grounds. As they walked toward the stables, Rose was greeted by several young ladies who normally either ignored her or looked at her with a bit of pity.

The Other Side of the Family

delicious. If you are interested, I’d like to fuck you with your knees over my shoulders while sucking your nipples and kissing you on the mouth. Then I want to push back a little and watch your face get as red as your hair and freckles when you have another orgasm.” Norma let out a moan. “I love the way you think, dearie,” she exclaimed. Norma

The Contractors part 1

so i grabbed the pitcher and glasses for the men and took it up to the 2 men who were still onsite, i walked up the stairs and the men looked around at me and i told them mum asked me to bring this to you and i took the lemonade to them, they thanked me and asked me to join them for a drink of lemonade there was another pitcher down in the fridge


the corner of his eye, he saw Janice start sucking on Kayleigh's tits.The small room that doubled as Janice and Merle's office was filled with the sounds of hot hardcore sex. Janice and Kayleigh were now getting heavily involved with each other and were now 69-ing each others' cunts as Martin continued to post up and down on Merle's strap-on.

Another Springtime Ch. 04

sham here are sins for which no surface gloss and glimmer can possibly recompense. Precisely what a girl need do to improve depth and quality is an elusive puzzle. Some seem to manage it in abundance with hardly a thought, others appear to have no clue though they struggle and seek. Christine and I drove over the mountains to spend a day in

I was never the same and nether was she

I laid there holding her I don’t know how we just sat there but I started to get uncomfortable because my left leg was all the way off the bed and my right was about half way off but I wanted to stay there holding her with my dick buried in her ass. She was like me now, she was mine. After about 5min she started to convulse I quickly unwrapped my

Pleasing Bill: A Crossdressing Story #1

me. There were two of them and it looked like one was in his early 20’s and the other one in his 50’s. They sounded like they were from a rural area and possibly from out of state. Both were wearing painting jumpsuits with many years of use.“Wow! We didn't know anyone was home, especially someone as sexy as you.” one of them said.“Sorry, i was in

Working Late

My hand crept to the front of my pants as I watched.She started to cum. She was pulling him into her with her heels on his ass. She was thrusting her hips upward to meet his strokes. She was talking. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Slam your big prick into me. Fill me with cum, you fucker.” Then she wasn’t talking any more, just grunting, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,

Game Boy Part 2

about to say that it was such an attractive cock that I would never in a million years have matched it with the long lanky ginger bloke it happened to be attached to.But he cut in with, "It's a bit deformed. The skin doesn't pull back all the way."I smiled up at him, my mouth watering at the anticipation of having a taste of the lovely

Vampire Dreams

She spits into her hand, rubs his hanging prick, and starts to pull. “ You want this body? You want to see these gorgeous tits don't you? My nipple are hard as diamonds right now. I'm surprised this top isn't shredded yet.” Pre-cum seeps from his cock head and she uses it to lube up his shaft. “ You get any bigger and I'm going to have to use

Swim Coach (chapter 5)

live too far from school, but it was in the opposite direction from my home. Determined, I set off on foot and walked to his place in the cool evening air of an April evening. I was dressed in standard 80’s gear – white sneakers, tight, button-down jeans, an oversized ‘Cure’ t-shirt that I covered with a jean jacket. If I’d thought about what I

Lingerie Shopping

reached into her purse and brought out a handful of paper towels. She took a couple to clean herself and gave me a few to do the same. We put our clothes back on and exited the dressing room. She helped me find the proper-sized negligee set and wrapped my package. As I finished paying for the nightgown, she said. “Please come again, sir, anytime.

Justin and Me

him only wearing a shirt and me wearing just jean shorts and my lace panties. My small hand wrapped around the base of his seven inch cock and slowly began to work its way up his length. He had pulled my right breast out of the bra and was expertly massaging my hard nipple, whilst tracing patterns along my back. He increased the pressure on my

Fran in Service Ch. 03-04

on her body, her actions, and yelling out obscene acts for her perform. This made her even more excited with the cameras catching her contracting crotch muscles attempting to stimulate her pussy. Jane bent over and placed her mouth on Fran’s right nipple and hand on the left. She licked and sucked the right while her hand continued its rough


her mother crying, heard her call her name. She pictured the ambulance arriving, the paramedics were placing her on the stretcher saying she was still alive. She pictured an oxygen mask being placed over her face and air being forced down her lungs as they screamed out in protest. She pictured being placed in the hospital bed, felt the doctors

Cameron & Alex (Second Installment)

do anything wrong it's just that cum is made by your balls and Cameron isn't old enough for his to make any yet but they will in the next year or two." I took my finger and removed some of my jizz from Cameron's cheek, "Here taste it." as I held my finger out for Alex to clean off. Funny part was Alex didn't seem to like the taste of it so I

Megan Pt. 9

sluts' mouth!" I tried my best to suck his prick but my cousin was so lost in fucking mouth the most I could do was work my tongue all over his cock with each hard, fast thrust into my mouth. He kept his eyes focused on mine as he looked down on me. Their dog suddenly stopped licking my pussy, part of me was relieved but another part was

dirty dog slut

ideas". "Too late", he laughed, "I've already got them".It was only a matter of a few minutes later, before Margie was kneeling down between Barry's spread thighs and sucking on his gorgeous, big, hard cock.Suddenly Barry's voice changed to a sneer. "You filthy, fucking whore", he snarled at her. "Your husband and I were just testing you out to

Stripped Shoplifter

cockmeat split her mouth open and shot deep into her throat. Gail sucked on it as hard as she could while she pounded the base of his shaft up and down with her tight fist. “Oh, she’s good. She’s a real cocksucker, this one. Looks like we lucked out again, Malik,” he said. He moved his hips up and down, fucking her mouth while he pushed her head

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 09

each other an affirmative nod. Phil had a big smile, ‘Thank you. You are such good friends and I love you both.’ Eric said he would leave them alone and go to a movie. Phil said he needed to run a quick errand and would be right back. The two guys left together. Phil told Eric, ‘I want to get that pretty girl of yours some flowers. I’ll take good

The Three-Man Weave

feeling so good about myself. And these guys had been so nice to me all day and made me feel at home for the first time in a long time. And, frankly, they were all fucking hot. And, throw in the fact that I was really high and I began to do some mental gymnastics in my head. After what seemed like a long time, but probably was only twenty seconds


your permission to have three players coach tonight that are not captains?Sure, Sean. Let me guess whoFred, Michael, and Jeff.Great minds think alike!All three feel honored to be recognized for their leadership. Each does well in their assigned two innings. Tremendous sportsmanship between the two teams continues throughout the evening. Again the

An Office Affair

empty house by herself. However, she knew staying in the office any longer was pointless. Carrying her full briefcase, she walked out of the automatic doors toward the covered parking section of the lot that was reserved for attorneys. She gasped as she approached her car. "Fuck," she muttered, under her breath, as she examined the flat tire on


It pulsed with regularity and precision. Every time his tongue entered, I pushed and gasped. I could see my ultimate prize on the horizon; waiting for me to catch it up and engulf it. My body was rocking as I was played like a finely tuned instrument. My breasts heaved in unison; slowly coming to rest with a sexy wiggle as my nipples brushed the

Housesitting: Day 10 - Ch. 3: Summer School Slut II: Wet & Wild

wet, little, 17-year-old pussy." She spoke in a sexy, drawn out voice and pouted her lips again before giving him a look of smouldering desire. She watched his defenses crumble. He got up off his seat and stared in awe at her glistening, teenage twat. "This is so wrong," he protested but as he did, he stepped towards her and thrust his wet shaft