Glamour Shots: Chapter 36

from today. But yes, I was very horny, and yes, it was partly because both Derek and Jason so obviously were. That’s a very arousing situation, and you’d be just as bad if it was you posing with two horny women.”She was probably right. I begrudgingly acknowledged her point. “Yeah, maybe, but that’s different.”She laughed. “Oh, really? How is it

A Bi Awakening in Dallas

two guys actually having sex but had heard stories and wanted to see for herself. When I told her it was you two, she begged me to come along. Do you mind?” I smiled at her and took the beers from her and sat them on top of the minibar fridge and commented, “Very glad to have you here Joan. Let me grab the ice bucket and get some ice to keep

A warm shower in cold Norway

and I could feel my cock against her vulva. Then my rock hard cock slid between her pussy lips inside her pussy. It was a feeling of long relief. She whispered in my ear to fuck her hard. I thrust my cock deep inside her pussy. I could feel the inside of her vagina rub against the front of my cock, a very stimulating sensation. While my cock

Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 5, Part 1 - NO SEX IN THIS SEGMENT

J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 5, Part 2. That has no character development, just electro- sex, bondage sex, anal sex and maybe even a replay of some lesbian action in the hot tub.This story might make more sense if you have read the previous days of "Three J's and an S Go Skiing"For the most part, the stories in this series are pretty mild.If you

My Sister Can Drive

She sure enjoyed it.The men drank themselves to sleep but the women had stopped drinking so that they could enjoy me. I had my hands full with six women but fortunately I outlasted a second woman too so I had to cum in only four of them. I slept like a baby that night.The next day was Saturday and the men started drinking heavily again and never

My first time with a man

now too much to resist.I decided to try the online sex sites to find someone and find someone I did. He had looked at the pictures I had placed on the site and was bursting to get his hands on me, a thought that made me tingle with anticipation.I kept him waiting long enough to find an outfit slutty enough for the occasion. It was a latex

Storm Shelter Sex – Part 3

and I naked in the laundry room. She already knew that I had a huge hard cock that was seeping pre-cum through the eye on its bulbous head because she had just tasted some of my spunk and allowed me to taste some of it myself. I was in the middle of asking Lisa if she would like something to eat or drink when there was another loud roar of

Please, Call me Samantha

the inside of my pussy. This only caused my body to be sent into another orgasm. He continued to fuck me, being as it was too late to pull out anyways. His motions were slow and would soon stop, but he made sure to fuck me through my second orgasm. I was so close to my third before he pulled out of me, his cock hitting the desk, followed by a

First Encounters

up on the side of my face. I opened my mouth automatically and felt you fill it. I closed my mouth around your protruding cock and suckled and moaned, loving you in me. I left my hands lowered since you gave no instruction to use them, and continued to follow your lead with your hand pushing and pulling my hair, taking in your length and gagging

Heather Likes to Win

at her gloating."Which one of us has two Master's degrees?" "You...""And who earns more money?""You do, Heather...""And who won evvvery game tonight?""Okay, so you're smarter," I look away as I say it quietly, shrugging."Ohh, I don't think I heard you," She condescends, smiling, "maybe you should look at me."I bite my lip and look in her eyes,

In The Park

up with Ben. I miss the sex. It was amazing. We broke up because he cheated on me. Let me be clear, this isn't my fault. Ben was satisfied sexually, but he was young. I was talking about settling down and having kids. He was talking about clubbing for the whole weekend and getting absolutely wasted. Then he got a little slag on the side. I don't

My ex husband

really? Would you mind if we relived some more memories and let me blow you now?” I asked. “I like that my lady, I like that a whole lot,” Matt replied. Then I got off the bed and went to the end as he laid down on his back. I started climbing on top of him a bit and as I got to his cock, I ripped off the condom. I took his 9 inch cock into my

Mrs Robinson

She suggested we lay on the grass of the lawn but I thought "Fuck that" as I was wearing a new pair of trousers so I turned her round and doubled her over and slipped my cock into her, by now, sopping wet cunt.   For about ten minutes I shagged her rotten holding on to her tits and kneading and pulling them as I shoved my cock to the limit up her

The Journey Home Ch. 03

his order and then he continued. ‘Yep, that’s right, oh and can you add two bottles of Michelob to that as well? Thanks.’ Ben said as he hung up the phone and returned to the sofa, relaxing more with each passing minute, thanks to Max. Their meals arrived quickly and as they ate, they discussed what would happen in the morning. Max had everything

The day our family's Rottweiler took me

really wants you bad!" as I was knelt down on my knees on the floor sitting, crying.Well, I sat there a few seconds, crying in shock and nauseous to my stomach of what just happened. I slowly got up off the and fixed the crotch of my panties, then I pulled my skirt down, as walked out of the kitchen into the dining room. Our rottweiler laying in

The Murphy Sisters - Jamie

few years and outside the bedroom they were the perfect all American couple, in the bedroom it was a different story.It was a Saturday night, well actually since it was after midnight it was Sunday morning. They had decided to have a quiet night watching movies and eating popcorn. Well at least this is what she told her parents. In reality the

Jessica Elba & ME

OHH FUCK, I'M CUMING!!"(I won't lie, me dick was harder then steel rods by now)and then I did my final move, the one that either gonna take her to the top or I would be up sheet creek without a paddle, the hand on her lower stomach became my arm up to the elbow, my lips now on her clit sucking hard and playing with it with my tongue, meanwhile my

How Whores Repay Favours

out jeans that were a little too tight for me. A little corset-like undergarment gave me a sweet shape and pushed my tits up nicely, while I wore a loose white blouse above it that covered it almost completely, leaving just enough to the imagination. My hair was pulled up in a sloppy updo that left curly strands hanging down the sides of my face,

Always The Good Girl Ch. 04

it to the mansion. Traffic had been horrible and the teenager at the drive-thru window had forgot to put the ketchup in the bag. He knew that Charity would be disappointed if he hadn't asked for it, since she believed the fries just didn't taste the same without the packets of ketchup that had been slightly warmed by the steaming food. He

The Light of God

catch!’ But Mark’s face is a mask of horror. ‘Oh God, oh my God, oh jeez,’ ‘What, what? What’s wrong?’ With shaking hands Mark replaces the candle in its holder, managing its heft with both arms. Looking back and forth from his best friend to the candle, he gapes, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. Billy comes over. ‘What the heck is

Shanna, A Complete Woman

said. "This house could use a woman's touch." Then he walked up behind Ryan while he shaved, to whisper in Ryan's ear. "Just not Allison's," he said, kissing his lover. The two heard the front door open. Ryan finished shaving and the two got dressed. Then, they went out to meet Kyle and Shanna. "Dad, Jimmy," Kyle said, setting down a bag and

Daddy 2, Natalie and May

I left within an hour. And that there was usually privacy in the far back corner. I pulled into a spot and my little girl got out and said, “Daddy, I want you naked in this seat,” She pointed to where she was just seating. Quickly I slid towards her pulling my shorts down around my ankles. She was completely naked in a second. My little girl

Picked Up

doing?" he asked. "I'm locking them closed," she replied. "Why?" he asked, almost panicking. He could think of a million reasons, all of them ending poorly, why she would want restraints on him that he couldn't take off. "I like the look of them, that's all," she replied gently. "I know you don't totally believe me, but you can trust me. I'm not


rage. "No daddy, don't even bother." I said to him as I turned to face Chris again."If you so much as dare come near me again, I will tell Danny. I grantee, you won't like it." I said walking out the door and slamming it.My father gathered me in his arms as I let the tears pour from my eyes. "Shhh, baby girl. I won't leave you alone with him ever

One thing led to another

Spencer’s for their free fitting service. On the morning of the fitting Jacquie wore stockings and suspenders, but as it was a hot summer’s day, no knickers. A summer dress was worn, and as she was planning to buy a new bra there and then she did not wear one. The drive in was fairly uneventful until entering the multi-storey car park. When she

Sex on the Beach

the stars. Umm…say I know a girl who wants me, but also has a boyfriend and I don’t know him, well, I want to take her into a different room and fuck her with him there. The thrill of him catching us would make it exciting! And nasty, degrading sex with a naive girl…’ I hurriedly said the last sentence, then began thinking of ways to execute

Foster Family Chapter 9

and when I cook, I don’t do anything by halves.” Jake grinned before digging in.Sean followed suit, soon the two of them were leaning back in their respective chairs nursing very full stomachs. “See” Jake huffed “nothing by halves.” He turned his head to Sean, drinking in the sight of the naked teen next to him. “One question” he asked. “How come

Diary of a Secretary/Slut Ch. 08

everything, he zipped up and walked passed Becky towards the sink to wash and dry his hands. "Stay here until I come and get you two," Henry said as he walked out.I got up and leaned against the wall, discussing our upcoming assignment with Becky. Apparently, she was as nervous as I was – if not more so. She'd taken on groups in the past, but

Darling Ramona

hazel eyes at the final release of the tension between them. Sitting up the naked redhead wrapped her legs around the young brunette in the maid’s uniform and leant in to kiss her, tenderly upon the lips. Surprised Florence did not respond, but then again she did not resist. Drawing away, the doctor, still in her glasses, gazed at the maid

Friday Night

move down to your shoulders and chest which I do. You start to shiver from anticipation as you make me suck, kiss and bite your breasts. When you've had enough you order me down to me knees. I kiss and lick my way down your stomach as I kneel. "Kiss my cunt through my pants," you command.I kiss and nuzzle your crouch with my face feeling the heat


dine with her mother tonight and discuss her marriage.At twenty two she was ready for suitors and wanted to marry as soon as possible.As she entered the dining hall she heard a loud sucking sound.Raising her head from her internal musings she saw the queen on her knees before her brother,sucking his dick hard and with love and submission in her

Help wanted part 9 (last) and The Shower

of my head. Shocked, I looked down and he was there. On his knees. he pulled me to him to kiss me, our bodies were touching but not enough to impair my play. He was so forceful. I could feel his hard cock against my belly, poking and rubbing. I was just so close. And even our make-out-session couldn't suppress a loud moan from me when I climaxed.

Almost gone for ever

was called, was available for parties and business functions in addition to one-on-one fucking. The charge for her talents was 150 euros which comes out to $200 American dollars, roughly speaking. I'm sure her being an American allowed them to charge a lot more, considering the difficulty in acquiring an American girl to begin with. The risk of


it idly to the side. "Fuck me harder," she pleaded with a groan. "What did you say, slut?" he asked, slapping her ass roughly. "Please, fuck me harder, Sir," she begged. He rolled her over onto her side, her arms still restrained behind her back, causing her to grunt in discomfort as sore joints protested the repositioning. Strong hands grasped

Christopher and Laura

lips against the sun kissed skin of this jaw and neck. She wondered what her mysterious long lost friend was thinking. Christopher pulled into a long drive way lined with tall leafless trees. The road lead up to a circular drive at the front, behind which stood a large erie old mansion. His parents’ estate house. It was his now, being the only

Have a Good Day

around and all I could say was, "Good morning."She must have dressed for the occasion while I was out. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a teal green babydoll with a matching thong and black patent leather high heels. Her thong was covered by the leather harness that held her nine-inch rubber cock.I responded

Training Mother and her Daughters, Part 4

and got a serious and intense look of concentration. My cock was rock hard, but this was about Pam’s pleasure, not mine. As she stroked, I reached between her legs, and with one finger, ran it up the length of her slit, from bottom to top. Her hips jumped as I flicked her little clit, and she started to mumble “ohhh…ohhhh”, then her climax hit

When Good Housewives Go Bad

an acrobat. She turns and sees Meg standing in the doorway, witnessing the whole thing. Wow, Mom! Meg says. Where did you learn to do that? Well, before you were born, your mother use to be a Back-up Dancer for Madonna. Lois says. (Lois remembers back to when she was young. Shes sitting around in a circle with the rest of Madonnas Back-up


her lips.He continued his slow assault on her limbs, moving between her inner flesh and only briefly flicking where she most desired. He was teasing her, moving in and out and drawing moans, sighs and deep breaths as he avoided her most delicate area.Without warning, Max drove his tongue fully into her, forcing a gasp as his tongue penetrated her

Wonderful Honest Mistake

this large house on the beach in Mexico and it was beautiful. The house had two large master bedrooms and two smaller rooms for my younger daughters. We also went to Mexico with several friends that rented homes right next door to ours. One night we all gathered at my house to have fun and drink several margarita. It started getting late and I

A Dark Knight Ch. 01

moved gracefully, gently falling around Chu’s head as she sat up from her straddling position across Chu’s hips to pull her vest off over her head. Chu smiled up at Inka, her hands reaching up and caressing the smooth flesh of Inka’s breasts, her thumbs playing delicately across her nipples. Chu didn’t want to speak and break the magical silence

Naughty or Nice … You Decide!

but he always draws me back in with his thick, juicy cock. He literally fucks my worries away I’m like sand between his fingers. But not this time. I was tired of his shit. Today would be different. I didn’t know exactly how, yet, but damn it! He would pay for all his shit. ———–   I decided to go to my office Christmas party, but what to wear?

Rebecca Redux

hot and sticky to the point that even the slightest touch might have been too much.Matthew seemed content to wait, but her appetite had not been satisfied. Tracing her fingers over his bulge, she drew his zipper down and unbuttoned slacks. His penis was still rock hard and she deftly tugged it free until his length stood proudly in front of


the dark balcony of the old Rialto Theater, Tommy told Sarah of his recent enlistment, and of the subsequent call up. He’d miss his own graduation, he told his girl, joking, trying to make light of a grave situation. Of course Sarah could think of nothing except their plans for the future. Plans thwarted by an unwanted separation. It was one of

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 7

incredibly tight, it was almost like he was fucking a virgin, but there was no obstruction, mill by mill his cock continued to slide deep inside her, this only increased the desire in their kiss, it felt like forever but his cock finally bottomed out, their lips separated and Sue gave out an almost silent moan of happiness, slowly Charles began

Sex On The Concert Bus With Kelly

had her hands around Steve’s head as she rode his face, bucking herself back and forth, to a squirting orgasm. “Eat my cum too you nasty boy!”I could see Steve doing his best to catch her entire load while trying to not drown. Kelly slowly rolled off of his face. Steve looked like a freshly glazed donut!It was way after bar time and Steve gave

Watching the neighbour

last night," Lucy said as she came to my door the following morning. We had never spoken before so I found this quite odd."You're hot," I stammered, "can you blame a hot blooded man for watching you?"She smiled and looked at me. "I guess not. How do I look today then?"I smiled nervously. "You look wonderful." Lucy was still standing on my porch

The story of Nikita Cox, college whore

of the women where, not to be too blunt, ugly and/or fat. The ones that weren't, for and by the large, either wanted to show off on webcams, or set their standards high enough that Peter North would have had a hard time getting sex off of them. Looking as I do (Sal was a fairly ordinary looking guy, not in the best of shape but no tub), that

Hitchhiker to Sex Slave

I left. Bout it mostly. Totally exciting, huh?" I give a little laugh. "So, what about yourself? Who are you?" I ask as I resituate myself in my seat, turning so that I'm facing him. "Well, as I said the name's Z, 23, married," he glances at me, "unhappily married "Huh," I murmur, "A married man? That sucks. Marriage is so overrated anymore." He

Diary of a Disciplined Husband

as she needed to discipline me. To us it was the most natural thing in the world.The weekly spankings were replaced by irregular discipline, as and when Kay decided. The cane became the implement with which she disciplined me the most. I got it lying on the bed, or in the living room as I bend over the arm of the settee, over a stool in the

Diavolo Ch 03

had never been vain in her life anyway. Marjorie Brown grabbed Mikayla’s arm and yanked her around. “Listen here, young lady—“ “Ow,” Mikayla complained with a pout, trying to wrench her arm from her mother’s vise grip. Marjorie would not relent though. She went nose to nose with a now cringing Mikayla and hissed, “I have been living with

Our Weekend in The Smokies - Part

any more! Please...FUUCK MEEEE!" She moaned an exasperated plea. Her voice was nearly unrecognizable. Rising from my ravaging of her clit, I paused, waiting to hear our acknowledged safe word. It didn't come. My heart, however, now panged to relieve Terri of her overwhelming burden. Sliding up between her upturned cheeks, I grasped my throbbing

I Blew the Bartender

Lee surprised me. He grabbed my hair, shifting it into a “ponytail” shape, pulling it while pushing me up and down on his cock. “Come on you slut, work my cock. I know you want my cum. COME ON BITCH!” He held my head still and started to roughly fuck my mouth and throat. I’ve been sucking cock since I was 16 (34, now), so I know how to open my

Mr Step-Daddy

Hands on his hips helped push him down, the member stretching him as he sunk down. Toby moaned, his eyes tightly shut as he slowly raised and sunk down once more, rolling his hips as his gripped Williams shoulders as he begun to bounce at a steady pace. The sounds of Williams moaning only making him move faster, and soon their lips met. The kiss


is looking forward, but God what if she looks over at me and sees me with an erection!?I try to fight it. I blank my mind. I try to distract myself by thinking about football. Nothing works. Someone is bound to notice it soon!Slowly and discretely I adjust my growing boner and tuck it under my waistband. It doesn't hide it, but it does make it

Fuck Doll – Chapter Two

my fingers through my hair, whilst trying to figure out how some people have no control over their own orgasms. The guy I was just on call with only took three minutes. Three damn minutes! I know I’m good, but damn. I sigh, and slightly shrug. Oh well, I still make the full half hour charge, his loss. I think to myself. I have a dinner date with

Anal Virgin

stroking his cock with my hand. He ordered me to undress him. I walked down to the edge of the bed and took his shoes and socks off and then grabbed the legs of his jeans and pulled them off as well along with his underwear. He then sat up so I could take his shirt off.His cock was rock hard and huge. He told me to get my clothes off. This was an

Morgans Rape part 1

her period was bcause she would only wear panties then and also a few days after her period. I also found out her daily routine, school go out back get her hockey gear go home. So after i gathered the right supplies i was ready to strike. I had set up signs before the end of school saying "Hockey Equipment follow arrows" and after seeing her

Channel 7: KUNT Wars

dealing with their temper tantrums for over six months now. What had started out as a simple dislike had now escalated into full-scale warfare. Sharon Daniels and Lisa Moore had disliked each other from the very beginning. At first it had been some catty comments behind each other’s backs. That had progressed to name-calling face to face. Then

Melissa likes to watch (edited)

of Melissa’s other friends decided to have a smaller surprise party this weekend, to throw Melissa of the trail in case she had any clues about the BIG party with all the relatives. I was still disappointed.So, I had no choice, we made our way to Melissa’s house. Melissa was appropriately surprised and very happy to see us. I’m not sure which of

Mrs. Lee, Part 2

we reached the bottom, Mr.Lee came in carrying the food."Perfect timing." Just as we were sitting down at the table. Amanda stormed down the steps, full of attitude as before. She made her way to the front door and yelled, "I'm going on a walk. Maybe I can get some privacy,' before slamming the door.We started to eat and talk. Didn't really talk

Common Interests, Part Four

as we stood beside the beauty of the bed naked and alone. They welled with tears, but this time sparkled with a familiar wanting need. I leaned over and pulled the comforter back and then the blanket and sheet, her hand slid over my back and I felt the surge of blood filling my member again, the fright of the call all but forgotten, for now. As I

Betli Must Be Played!

center, John Dallas thought I was the best man to manage all of the technical organizations at the logistics center. I got a promotion with a big increase in salary. I became one of the boss’s right hands. The other was the IT and Security leader Pablo Pique, who never let us forget he was Catalan and not Spanish. Our boss John Dallas who was

Against the Grain Part 1

already think I know what he’s going to say. But how do I feel about it? “Yes there is,” he says shyly, almost like a chastised child. It’s at this time that I notice how close he has rolled his chair to mine. How he’s leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs and his hands cupped together and a look in his eyes. But what kind of look is it?

Darnell and Carmela

you wanna go, okay?" "I muttered something about him bein' lucky I was in a good mood. Total bullshit of course; he'd have beat me right handed then left handed and then fed me to the fishes, but I had my pride. I almost had to laugh at myself. Pride? Pride wasn't worth a fuck; look where it's gotten me, I thought. Lost me a home, a wife, a


orgasm of the day. When she was spent he pulled out and rolled her over. Carly flopped like a rag doll still unable to move as her body reacted. ‘Three and I’m still not done fucking you, Babe,’ he taunted. He climbed onto the bed and slipped his arm beneath her. Then flexing his arm he pulled her up onto the bed until her head hit the pillows.

Lesbian love

I wasn’t paying much attention to what Jesse was saying because I was distracted by her finger sliding in and out of my ass. It felt amazing, one finger sliding in and out of my ass and one rubbing my clit. I was sure it couldn’t get any better. “Lie on your back” I readily complied. She lay right on top of me my hairy pussy between her legs, and

Skipping School (Re write)

she closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him and was met with his lips. He moved his hand to her waist and held her. She moved her hand to his upper leg, she felt his member in his pants. He felt her hand, and decided to take things a little further, he reached underneath her tank top and grabbed her breasts and started to play with them. She


was over too soon. She was still on fire. She wanted more. She needed more.She thought, Well, if I’m going to leave here doing the walk of shame, if I’m going to be knocked-up, I should make it worthwhile.Camilla stood up. She removed her skirt, pulled off her blouse and shed her underwear while Stuart watched, questioning, from the bed. She

When Angels Cum Chapter 2

opposite. Angels represented the good and were usually nice, cheerful, kind and gentle. If they could, they would always help a fellow angel or an animal in need and would never treat anyone with malice. Demons represented evil and were usually deceitful, angry, gloomy and unkind. They were the personification of selfishness and would never do

Her father saw her naked

sperm. From her ginger pubic hair to her cheeks.I just watched her with my mouth open. My wife is fully covered inhis fathers cum. I went to get some paper to clean her, but I justcould´nt hold myself back; I just had to swipe his cum with my cockand push it deep inside her. Every drop I could, I pushed deepinside her. Getting excited that she´s

Thumper Ch. 08

possible. Her hands reached behind his back and pulled as her mouth descended the last few inches until her lips encircles his base. ‘Oh God,’ he groaned as she withdrew and plunged upon him yet again. Abby had evoked a scarcely contained fullness to his erection that he hadn’t felt since adolescence. He wasn’t far now. Arresting the effect of

Arizona Awakenings (ch. 6)

I can keep a secret." Faith surely knew how to keep a secret. Lots of secrets. "Okay, you know, like what we did yesterday. You remember?" Brenda was getting red. "I mean, you know, that was kind of what I like. Am I awful? Do you hate me already?" She had tears forming in her eyes. Faith was thinking about what Brenda meant and she didn't want

Tales of the Naughty Vixen

the part of the ‘naughty vixen’-- ‘he would have said something by now,’ she thought. The look on Jake’s face went from a look of disbelief to a look of excitement. Mike sat on the couch with a similar look of confusion, but seeing Jake’s smile made his heart pound a little faster, as he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was caressing

Big Booty Boy Stories: My First Big Black Cock

“No thong huh, I’m a little disappointed.” He chuckles and then says, “Bring your sneakers over here, you can kneel on them so you don’t hurt your knees.” I’m a little touched that he cares about me not hurting my knees while I suck his dick.I bring my sneakers over to where Mr. Jay is standing and I put them down. I then kneel down on the

Katie Ch. 01

his underwear. ‘What do we have here?’ she asked as she stroked his shaft and licked its head. He was beside himself. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t yet another fantastic dream. After a while she wrapped her luscious lips around his cock head and proceeded to work her way down then up the shaft each time going a little bit

On the bus

the only thing I looked forward to all week, girls. I'm just an average decent looking guy. I get my fair share of girls but I know that the real stunners are usually just a little out of my reach. I'm a little over 6ft tall, broad shouldered and quite trim, girls seem to like my dark brown wavy hair but its never a conversation starter.

Made Maryanne

already soaked panties. The thought of our love juices mingling together in her silk undies and the delightful fragrance of her pussy from the pair of white cotton briefs in my left hand was bound to send me over the top. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, remembering how it felt to have her grinding her pussy on my lips, my nose

Felix becomes Felicity - Chaopter 3

think Thomas is really cute, do you like Bradley?”  I squirmed “Hell Sis I’m a boy! In case you’d forgotten, of course I don’t!” She said sorry but carried on talking about Thomas as she unpacked our new, matching tennis dresses! They had to be the shortest dresses ever. My Mum had also bought me new tennis shoes in white with pink trim, tennis

My daughters dildo

now and then. Some stranger than others.”She dropped a couple slices of bread into the toaster. “Thanks for putting up with me.” She fetched the butter out of the refrigerator and set it on the table. Her nipples were conspicuously poking up from under the top. It was most likely because of the cold air from the refrigerator and they would surely

Silver, Blue and Gold Ch 05

loves you.’ ‘I think I do,’ Jake said, ‘but how could I tell her that now? What good would it do? I don’t even know if she’d believe me, and I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.’ ‘That would be up to you,’ said Cam. ‘But if I had a girl who loved me and a girl I wasn’t sure about, I know who I’d pick.’ x-x-x-x Jake grabbed the mail and continued

Valhalla - Part 1

back of a van, the man picked up the phone inside his now nearly empty house and dialed 911. His daughter and wife would be reported missing, and after a while the search would be abandoned. He could pay off his debts, and maybe even find a new wife that was less of a bitch. Mary sobbed against her gag, a rag that had been roughly tied around her

I’m a real wild child

to her knees and dumped down in Albert’s lap. Her panties were stretched out under his chin. Rhonda sat quietly and watched them. It seems that they have done this before, she thought. ‘Excuse me, I just have to do it. You understand?’ said Gypsy in the familiar ‘among us girls’ tone to Rhonda. ‘That’s OK,’ said Rhonda vaguely. ‘I guess the girly

Uber Driving - An Unexpected Benefit - Part 1

overdrawn account.  I teasingly said that she needed to be smacked for doing that. Khrystiana hesitated a minute and then asked me if I really meant that. Now I was the one who asembarrassed. I kind of backtracked and said that it was really not appropriate for me to say something like that. She then said, “I was wondering because that is exactly

Krista 02

of her throat. She nearly joked on it but she got herself together and managed to swallow. Jake stood up, spread Krista’s legs even further apart and shoved his dick into cunt. Krista cried out but then smiled and laughed with pleasure. She looked her Stepfather right in the eyes and said with all seriousness, “Fuck me.” That was all Jake

Watching My Husband, Chapter 1

candle to you, sweetheart!" he said."Aww, you're forgiven!" I said, kissing him on the cheek. I went in to change clothes and get ready to start dinner. When I came out, Roger was still on the computer looking through the ads on that dating site. "You still on that?" I said as I walked past the desk and saw what was on the screen. He didn't

Freedom and the Widow Ch. 18

woman contracted and expanded her asshole around the fully extended tongue, which worshipped her superiority without question. Naked and kneeling in homage to the magnificent woman, Bradbury was ready to beg for relief as Victoria pointed her toes skyward and moaned in absolute ecstasy as she brought herself off, squeezing the tongue that

Red and Darla Clayton-chapter two of two

matter who's right or wrong. He is totally one way, his way," said Marty. "I guess. No, I know you're right. But it's water under the bridge now. This is his chance, and ours too, I know that. If he blows it, well, he blows it. We're, I'm, at the end of my tether," she said. ****** "Long time no see, amigo," said Gabriel Montoya. "Yeah, it's

The Reunion Chapter 3

so she was able to consume all his hot load.   The two young men withdrew their dripping pricks from the women and rose from the bed. It was obvious they were ready for more as they stood there stroking their dripping cocks; the last drops of cum dribbling from the ends. But Carol had her eye on Eric and Chuck. She had always

India’s Daughter Ch. 02

help them find a better groom for her. Navigating the complex web of entrance exams and Quota is no simple matter even for someone as smart as Nidhi. So when she overcame these obstacles and managed to secure admission in a reputed medical college in Kalwa, on the outskirts of Mumbai, just an hour from home, it was a day of unqualified


but I had to reach down and caress her ass. Apparently, she got over her anger, either that or she was just too tired to fight any longer. I ran my fingertips up and down the backsides of her thighs and up over her butt again. I looked down at my throbbing cock, still not looking to push the boundaries as to whether or not I should/could touch

Randy's Ordeal Ch. 02

are such pigs sometimes." Megan said. "But why a young woman like you would want to hang around a bunch of old women like us, I don't know.""Mrs. Adams you are a not bunch of old ladies. And I am not just saying that because my mother is standing here. You can't be more than 25." Carrie said smiling at her mother."That might be, but we are all

New in the office, part 2

fired. The day seemed to drag itself on forever but eventually it was time for me to leave. since i started earlier i had about an hour left before she would be finished so i went into town. As the moment i had to pick her up drew closer i found myself getting more and more nervous. Unsure if this was the greatest idea i ever had, when i agreed

Sydney and Lauren

“There are still many more orgasms to come babe, I didn’t just bring home guys, I did actually buy some more toys.” “Oh god, what are they?” “Well, first of all I got four vibrating eggs, two double ended vibrators along with two adjustable clit stimulators.” Stated Sydney, removing the vibrators from Lauren’s holes as

Playing For Master

up, I go into my bedroom and remove all of my clothes.I grab my warming oil and my jelly vibrator and lay on my bed with my knees up and legs spread wide. I start by drizzling warming oil on my freshly shaven cunt, letting it drip onto my pussy and down the crack of my ass. I use one hand to rub my oiled lips, teasing myself by lightly touching

Swedish meat and balls (part 1)

deeper and deeper but he didn’t seem to mind. His hands were starting to move my head up and down faster and faster. I slipped my hand under his balls and started to play with them just as he had done. Then he spread his legs a little and lifted his arse in the air so I started to explore with my finger, probing between his cheeks into his warm

the last day with my sister ( 10 )

of the bed, if Carol and Lee hadn't have stopped her, but quickly her body settled down, my fist being excepted inside her now, as her orgasm let me know, both holes gripped my hands, and her body shook uncontrollably. I let her settle a bit, then began to work her, more poppers and orgasms flowed, by now she was pushing back, more of my fist

War Torn Ch. 07

I began to unbutton the collar of his shirt. He made a noise in his throat like a low growl and tightened his grip around my waist. After a few moments, he loosed one hand from my waist and slowly moved it down to my hip and thigh. The dress I wore had ridden partway up my thigh, and I sighed when he placed his hand on my bare leg. He stopped

Fortuitous Benefactor

and didn’t reply. ‘Come for a walk with me. How old is your baby?’ The woman said shyly, ‘Four months.’ ‘Judd here is five months. I’m an abandoned mother.’ The thin and wan young woman didn’t reply. ‘Come on, come walking. You and your baby need company.’ The woman said nothing but picked up a shawl from the doorway, wrapped her baby and walked

Herr Heinzs Big Buns

One night, Rudy could take no more. He simply had to have this man before his head, heart and balls exploded. He went back into the mess room as Herr Heinz was clearing away. ‘Herr Heinz,’ he said ‘it is such a beautiful, warm evening, is it not? I have a bottle of brandy. Perhaps we should go and sit outside the fort under the stars and share a

D-Day Sexual Invasion Part 2

ugghh, ugghh, mmm” it was Sal. “I’m gonna cum” he moaned. “Yeah come in me” said a deep but softer voice. “Fuck my ass…oh I love it, yes, yeah, come in me now! Oh please come” I opened the back door of the closet. It was partially blocked but I stuck my head in and looked through a wire mesh screen. Sal moaned. “Nuuhh ugh, ugghh, ugghh, oh

The Girl With The Golden Ring

some day. Some days he would hoist a couple of them onto his back and advise them to be careful when they crossed the street on their way home. He didn’t belong in this day and age. He was too much of an iconic American hero. More than once he risked his own safety to save the life of a friend and stranger. He rarely spoke. At times, hours would

My BFFs Dad

each other which boys were checking us out.  Jill and I are both 16 and we’ve known each other since we were little, but that’s pretty much the only thing about us that’s the same.  Jill is a tall brunette with a slender body, perky B-cup breasts, and killer long legs.  I’m a petite blonde with a bubble butt and D-cups.  Whenever we go anywhere

Photo Op

her husband full access to her soaking wet core. Andrew’s fingers began to play with her slit and Marie closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation. “You are so wet. It’s dripping all over my hand. Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Do you enjoy being exposed like this?” Andrew asked. “Only if you’re taking the pictures,” she said. Andrew

The Mist of Time Ch. 14

‘That’s what Huddingtons charged, so fine.’ I answered. Andy turned to Bella smiling. ‘I won the bet.’ Bella seemed a little miffed. ‘Bella and I had a bet, Daniel. She reckoned that you wouldn’t charge, I thought you would. After all you are a businessman. You have to cover your costs.’ Bella brightened. ‘Well in that case I have a good reason

Nerds on Vacation

I don't feel remorse or sad. I do feel sad for the family and their friends, but other than that...nothing." I moved away from him. "Me too," I answered. All this time I had tried to make myself feel something like trying to remember the last conversation with Melissa, I didn't feel sorry about what I had said. She had told everyone about

me and my cousin

5 minutes later I heard my door open then close then I heard the door lock. I tried to see who was there but it was pitch black. Then I felt someone get on the bed and lay next to me. Then I heard Sarah whisper hey Craig its me Sarah. I said sorry about what happened on the couch she said don't worry I kind of liked it I mean I was upset at first

Devil in a Red Dress

was thirty five that I received a phone call at work. I’d always heard there were very few women in that great state. I’d seen guys talking about in on Opera and other TV magazine type shows. There’s a saying in Alaska, ‘You don’t lose your woman in Alaska. You lose your turn.’I’m here to tell you that that is not what I experienced. I was laid

Cop gets the girl

my days as a town cop. I have now taken early retirement.I had been the officer allocated to deal with a nasty domestic dispute in one of the villages on my patch.The lady in question who I shall call Linda had suffered at the hands of her new boyfriend having recently divorced her husband. I carried out the investigations and completed the

First Time in Louisville

open. The first indication I see is a black open toe sandal touch the ground. It's silver stiletto heel clicking as it touches down on the hard cement. Followed by the other I watch mesmerized as Emma steps with a hand for assistance out from the car. As she stands up then steps back I feel myself becoming instantly aroused with admiration. I

Anal Stories: Jess & Bethany

the sensations that were racking my body and turning me into a quivering mass.I came and came again, moaning into Bethany’s juicy puss and eagerly sucking her dry until she came again. It was only a few moments later that we all three came together, Jeff pumping his load into a condom and pulling out after catching his breath. Bethany slid out

One Drink Too Many.

spots, her laughing harder and harder. Then, I grab her waist and flip her over so that I’m on top of her. I toss the blanket off the bed revealing that I’m wearing just boxers. I lay on top of Aphrodite and she’s grinning from ear to ear. “Tickle me Daddy!” She squeals and bucks her hips underneath me, making my cock even harder. I once again

You cant always get what you want. [Part 1]

She was always telling me how troublesome he was and how whoreish he was with the women. Did I care? No. It only intrigued me more. I was a rebellious person, I wanted what I wasn’t allowed to have and that was Cole. Problem was? He was in and out of relationships like I changed my undies. It seemed like he had a new girl on his arm every week,

Nicole’s dad pays us a visit

him a blowjob, though she did swallow hisload again and told me all about how yummy her daddy’scum tastes the next day on the way to the airport todrop him off. Frank thanked me for being such a gracious host andtold me to take good care of his little girl and anypackages that may arise. He gave each of our children ahug, kiss, and an envelope

Thick 03: Becky's Ballad

yeah! Fuck my tight ass!""I'm coming!"Becky motioned to come in her direction. She smiled at him. Then, when he came, she sucked his seed off.As for Tucker..."Oh, I'm coming. Oh, I'm coming! Yeah. Yeah. Right on that tight ass. Mmm," He said with one last spank.~~~After they were done, they walked her back to her sorority house."Baby girl, mmm.

Dads Best Friend 2

was, did I dream what happened between me and Mike the night before? Absolutely not possible. I got up, got dressed and that's when I realized it was no dream. My entire body was sore. "Good morning mommy!" I said as I walked into the kitchen."Good morning sweetie," she answered."Where's dad and Mike?" I asked looking out the window for dad's

Our Gloryhole Adventure

was doing. When Lisa saw me she told me they had asked her to join them. She said I had taken too long and someone had snatched her up and then she laughed. His wife and I sat down and we all talked for a few minutes. Lisa was still in his lap, his wifes hand was rubbing my leg and he seemed to be enjoying feeling everything Lisa had to offer! We

Adult Bookstore With The Wife

machine and on came the tv screen… She looked at me and said have you been here before or somethihng (laughing)… she started browsing through the videos and came across a guy sucking a guys cock… hey babe… that turns you on dont it as she laughed… I laughed and said.. you know it does babe I was wondering how long it was gonna be before she

Bailey and Jade part 11

recovered quickly at the sight, and her breathing, which had slowed down, sped up again.        "Your mother is in a very sticky situation right now, and she would appreciate it if she was cleaned up" she said. The two sisters moved in unison, and tongued their brother's cum off of her breasts and belly. Emily stood up, and walked around behind


settled down into its old habit. She was with her parents and they quickly went back to their old habits of entertaining themselves. Thumbelina was happy, especially when the prince arrived just two nights later. They talked for hours and planned the meeting of her parents and the King and Queen. Then they kissed for an hour until she fell asleep

Weekend Party

around the house all hyper. My dad comes in from work and I ask if I can drive his truck. See, he just got a new four-door GMC Sierra pick-up truck. He asks why. I tell him that me and Kirby, my li’l b*o, have been invited to a party. He quizzes me about where and what will be there. I assure him there will be no d**gs or alcohol. He reluctantly

Challenge Accepted

erotic dream with one of my favorite male actors, when I heard the sound of my Call Me Maybe ringtone in the back of my mind. I cracked my eyes open and hurriedly searched on the nightstand to my left for my iPhone. I tapped the screen, put the phone to my ear and was greeted to the sound of blaring rock music.‘Shit,’ I cursed, snatching the

From Demure to Slut Wife – Chapters 1 & 2

crotchless in some fashion. That first night her pussy had been covered with a rich cover of blonde hair but she had shaved it off the next morning with Sherrys help. All her bras were either shelf bras or half cups, nothing that would completely cover her sensitive nipples which always had either a silver or gold stud present. Harry even had

The Whyte Butterfly Ch. 02

she could disguise her cock by turning it into a lump on her lower torso. To accomplish this, Benita stuffed rolled up socks down large and conservative panties and arranged them so that it looked like she had a small pot belly. Once she put on her tight jeans, however, she looked silly. The only way to not draw attention to her groin was to wear

A Surprise In The Restroom

down the hall as her date takes a sip from the champagne glass. Five minutes have passed. I rise from my chair and walk to the restrooms. Walking down the hall, a woman exits from the restroom and a man exits the men's room. We all exchange smiles as we pass one another. I wait until they are gone, then enter the restroom. The girl sees me in

My Afternoon

body, grabbing and kissing my thick thighs, and lightly fingering my wet pussy, teasing me with his demonic smirk. My toes start curling, I gulp, loudly. Im so anxious. So ready. Every kiss sends a shiver through my body and my spine. A soft moan of oh sir… escapes my lips. Then when he starts to finger my pussy, I stiffen up and start moaning

Cinema Then Home

was nervous about fucking so she just started sucking my cock. It was SOOOO good… I started to rub her tits then went to rubbing her clit as hard as I could. Her eyes bulged so much and she stopped sucking my cock and shoved me onto the table. I lay on my back on that table just as I came. Some dripped down and she got on top of me. She pushed my

Big Woman's Anal Fisting Lesson

hussies. Always ready to take a brother down whether he's at fault or not. Lisa wasn't like that. She was totally cool. I told her so. She looked at me sadly. She went on about her troubles. Even though she was a successful woman who made good money, the rest of her life sucked. She hardly met anyone who was even remotely interested in her

Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 10

I pushed my finger a little deeper into her ass, and she thrust up her hips and groaned loudly as I did so. I watched her as she started to massage her own breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, her eyes firmly closed as she lost herself in the pleasure I was giving her. "Yes," she half-whispered, half-cried, "Oh God, yes..." Encouraged, I

Me and My Brothers -- Chapter IV

I gripped his peter tighter and stroked it more rapidly and he shot his stuff. I pointed it toward me and allowed it to squirt all over me. He began to stroke me harder and I went far beyond any place I had ever been. As I came down I found myself rubbing his warm stuff into my skin on my stomach and breasts. It felt like warm lotion but it

Ashleigh’s Adventures Bk. 3 Ch. 03

over on his side and smiled. He reached for Ashleigh and she came into his arms. She kissed him warmly, rubbing her breasts into his chest, toying with his cock between her warm thighs. It didn’t take long for Ashleigh to generate a real need in Tom and she rolled him onto his back. ‘Let me sit on you, Tommy, that way you don’t have to move.’

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 05

barely came down to her knees. As soon as she came over and sat at the sofa I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I was secretly hoping Priya had left her pants in the bathroom but my excitement went on overdrive as I walked in and saw her panties inside her pants on the hanger. That little tease definitely knew I would go to the bathroom

Fifth Fantasy - Fifth Task

him of course, you don't want to be rude, and don't let your hands get in the way of the shots as he takes it of course, you wouldn't want to ruin it, would you?If you decide to complete your task you can have an orgasm. The only rule to get your orgasm is that your window of opportunity closes the moment you get back dressed. So you will have to

The Concert

to bend over somewhat. He pushed his cock hard into my pussy, forcefully fucking me, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me back hard onto his cock. He took me hard, acting as if he was raping me. As he fucked me, I heard something moving against the door of the stall. I was trying hard not to scream, and was afraid that someone had heard

Erotic Proclivities 02 – Summer Beach Fun

for the small staff of us who worked there. I had spent the morning this Wednesday on the main tennis court with our club’s teaching pro, Frank. He helped keep up my tennis game volleying with him. That morning we had put in a couple of hours and were both ready for a good lunch break. He wanted to get a chance to rest, recover, and get a shower

Black Daddy Cock Master

my mouth. Next thing I know we’re outside and I’m thinking of running and screaming when he said ‘Where’s your car?’ I turn around and finally see him. I’m just your average guy, 5’9′, 180, with a massive 6 inch dick. This guy is black, and I mean Africa Black, way over 6′ and muscular! Like a fool, I point to my car, we walk over, I unlock and

Forbidden Desires Ch. 02

the car and waited while he spoke."That will be all for tonight thank you.""Yes Mr Garcia."Alejo took her hand and lead her inside and up to his flat, he unlocked the door and she stepped inside looking around."Wow, this is beautiful." He leant against the door and watched as she walked further into the apartment, she walked to the large window

Learning to Fly Pt. 01

the remote button of the CD system. From all corners, Elvis Costello warbled his haunting, slightly dopey serenade. "She... may turn each day into a heaven or a hell..." With no prodding, we both sang softly as we lazed back on the divan. I felt King's hand take mine. I pressed his. We continued the sing-a-long until the last note. The playlist

Behind Enemy Lines

may be able to help him safely out of the country. He was pondering this when he caught movement in the yard in his peripheral vision. He was far enough inside that for someone to see him they would have to be close and be looking directly at him but his hand was on the butt of his gun before he even looked up. He sighed in relief and let go of

Southbound Ch. 05-06

want to lose her.’ ‘My thoughts exactly. I’ll spend some time with her in the territory, especially with her existing customer base to see what they think of her.’ ‘One really good sales person can take a lot of pressure off you, Andy. That’s something to remember.’ ‘No kidding. She’s already tipped me on the current sales force. I’ve terminated

A Mutually Beneficial Situation

address by our department’s VP. Held in a large function room, it was not just standing room only, I could see nowhere to stand. As I scanned the room for a space to wedge myself into, I saw my colleague, Tina, wave to me from the kitchen area at the back of the room. I joined her in a crowded galley kitchen, where there was just enough room for

Unexpected Visitor Part Seven

after hearing Jim and Mick’s story. The water had cooled me off a little but when suddenly I felt someone come up behind me – and I knew it wasn’t Brett because I could see him talking to Jim - I stood transfixed for a moment as I felt a pair of hands slip over my shoulders and down to the top of my chest. Then there was a head on my shoulder. I

Fall of Paradise: Chapter 5

toward her but halfway down towards her face he paused and a looked Avriel couldn't understand settled on his face. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out as it seemed he was having trouble explaining what exactly the problem was. "You have no muzzle," he finally said. "Yes, I am aware," Avriel answered confused, not understanding

My Saturday night

of everyone they would do it. I noticed several woman looking at us, but one was starting at me so longingly. She came up and ask if i like to dance. She was a very beautiful blonde i said yes, we want to the dance floor and started moving to the music and she started rubbing my tight ass against me. a grabbed her ass and moveed my hands up to

Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 2

now in her mouth and started twitching my dick with her tongue while he is inside her mouth.I let her do what she likes and continued smoking, trying not to think at all about anything.After I finish my cigarette, Niky said, “Let’s go to mom’s room and let’s have some fun daddy it’s still early.”It was about midnight by now that the early she

Curtain Call

it since, and had never made an effort to shield herself from Brent's potential observations. In the evening of Lea's third day with them, Shelly went out to a meeting as Lea prepared to go visit Tim. Brent said goodbye to them and went to take a shower. As he washed his naked body he again fantasized about Lea. He envisioned Lea coming through

Family video CH 4 - 6

taken aback by the sheer amount of semen flowing down my throat. I wish I could have taken it all, but some leaked out the sides of my mouth as I struggled to swallow as much as I could. His cum was thick, salty and warm which drove me into my own mini-orgasm. My pussy muscles contracting and I had to use my hand to just put some pressure over

Ever have sex with two women in one day without wa

her strawberry blond bush. Kim cleaned my semen off her with some night table Kleenex as best she could. We both redressed and rejoined the party. Meanwhile, my cock and pubic hair are sticky with her juices, but she smelled pretty good down there so I didn’t give it much thought. Fast forward, 10 hours later, I’m at a local bar with my friends.

my sexy young slut wife stacy (part3) CAMERA CLUB

it had a ball sack with a suction cup. On the drive home stacy told me that on her lunch break that day she had gone into the sex shop in town. John was there as usual and also another guy who john introduced as bill. She said that bill was a bit older looking than john and was quite dirty looking with nicotine stained fingers and teeth and long


true. They were not gifted on their feet, but they also looked like they were having a good time, especially dancing with some of the younger female students. (There must have been some interesting letters home to mom after the meeting: ‘I danced with a Nobel prize winner!’) Sylvia resisted half heartedly as I pulled her to her feet. ‘None of

In Front Of The Kids

TV The kids diverted their attention back to the TV. Now, are you going to listen to me and pull up your dress? Or do I have to slap you again? Bill said. Slowly, I lifted up my dress to reveal nothing underneath. Good girl Bills hand was slowly jacking his cock, moving up and down, bottom to tip, twisting his thumb around the head. His other

Online Romance and More

day for the last three months.There has been discussion of meeting, though we live on opposite coasts. I have offered to pay for her flight and she is considering it. Until then we continue with our phone calls. However, on this one particular Saturday morning things took an unexpected turn. I awake to the sound of my phone and notice it is three

used part IV

up and ran naked to the closet in the hall. I got a red towel and brought it back to the bed. I laid down on it and he spread my legs as he lowered his body down onto me. I felt the head of his penis at my pussy lips and bit my lip as I awaited the pain. He leaned down and kissed me, slipping his tongue in between my lips and mingling with my

The Necromancer and Lisa

kept one hand in her hair, while using my other hand to slap her ass a few times. The end of my cock was level with her forehead, while she was licking at my balls, and I dick-slapped the slut’s face a few times. But eventually, I had had enough of the ball licking, and was ready for the main action.I adjusted Lisa so she was kneeling in front

On The London to Brighton Line

with her head in my lap, as the train passes through Gatwick and our carriage empties out. It looks like not a lot of people are on their way to Brighton this rather chilly early New Years morning. Jess wakes up as we stop at the next station. She looks up and me and smiles sleepily. She has a great smile. Her long brown hair is tousled and

Things get wild in Africa. Pt 3.

hand, her arms round Jane’s shoulders. Then they kissed again and it was a long passionate kiss. Aysha’s hands moved down to Jane’s bum and she gripped her arse tight and then she was jerking backwards and forwards as she reached her climax.We watched in awe at the beautiful sight, little Jane and this gorgeous wild african beauty. Jane held her

An Unexpected Twist - Part Two

it was nice to just, relax and see the scenery. We came to a stop on the outskirts of a small forest, in a tiny half enclosed area. The front of the truck was facing the trees so from the outside you wouldn’t really be able to tell what was happening in the front if you were just driving by. Josh unbuckled his seat belt and quickly grabbed my

A House of Men Ch. 03

of them as you can, and if you need anything, come find me. No stupid questions, though, because I know all of you, except for maybe Carlos, knows how to clean. Thank you again for the help, I know Joe appreciates it, and if you will all reconvene here in three hours, I will even cook dinner for you.” I head off to the kitchen with Ty feeling

Abby’s Friend Ch. 04

my crystal as it swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Watching as it swings. Becoming tired now, falling, falling, falling into trance for me. Deeper and deeper.’ Kate watched blankly and obediently and her will to resist slipped away. She was at Jemma’s mercy and completely open to her. ‘You can no longer resist now Kate. You

Needing you part 8

reached behind them and tucked his hands into Cason's back pockets. "Man, Migg's band is really getting a following," Vince said as they slowly made their way up to the door and paid their cover charge.Inside there were tons of people. The dance floor was crowded, but around the edges of the bar the music from the sound system wasn't too

anon wincest

book by the bed. I’m losing brain cells by the minute here I’m so effing bored.” (I guess she has company)“You ok for bras?” I hear a giggle.“I thought you knew me better than that.”“Pardon?”“Tell you what, if you can find any bras you can bring some.” A little perplexed, I check her drawers, the wardrobes, and the laundry basket“You don’t have

Hot Tub Dream

moves from me and over to her husband, tells him to get out of the water. He looks around and then sits on the edge of the hot tub. As my lover and I watch, she goes down on him slowly. Taking first just the head and licking it. Then opening her mouth wide, tongue out, she begins to take first the head and then down and down over his long

One of my first times

against mine, both of us hard. My hands ran down his back and squeezed his lace clad arse. I felt his fingers wrap around both of our cocks as he held them together, grinding and humping. I pushed him back and away, at first he looked confused but as I retrieved a bottle of lubricant from my drawer his confusion left. I lay back down in front of


lounge chair. A little shiver of anticipation coursed through him. He couldn’t wait to explore those curves with his hands, and later with his mouth. She was watching him as well, noting, with satisfaction, the way desire flared in his eyes as he looked at her. He tossed his towel on the chair next to hers, and carefully set down the bottle and

The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex

left arm said. I turned to look at her, and my god she was hot. She had a very similar build as the other, maybe a little taller and smaller natural breasts. She also looked Hispanic, with a light complexion. She had shoulder length wavy black hair, and was wearing a white outfit that matched her partner’s but with a netting connecting the top

Sara Paylan R.N. : The Handy Men

second later he cupped the other with his left hand and began squeezing them until I winced; which made him smile. The huge workman now towered over my tiny frame as his eyes never left mine while his right hand slowly slid down my stomach and rested on my pubic area. The old man was now twiddling my stiff nipple between his thumb and finger at

Vegas Ch. 03

was aware that her sister needed a break and if truth be told, Lauren had been worried about Grace and Daniel’s relationship for some time now. Grace had confided that she was becoming extremely frustrated at the amount of time he spent playing poker. She complained that they seemed to spend less and less quality time together. So this win might

CAHILL--Part 4 of 6

in Memphis extremely well so once he had the info he got a warrant to search the dorm room where his men found a quantity of cocaine and other drugs. Daryl and I met with a state attorney who was able to flip the roommate. He was wearing a wire when he made a good sized drug buy from Haynes and from that the state police got a warrant to tap

The Girl in the Swamp

off me and on Andy. His screams cut the night air. Seizing the opportunity, I kicked at the candle in the middle of the girl’s hut, and it burst into flames, hitting the wall above the girl and Andy. The eager fire spread fast, too fast, and the girl and my friend were immediately consumed. I hope that it made the end quicker for Andy. The

Cat Fight 8 (Assassins)

off to no end.  Roaring in anger Bill turned to Roth who had also backed off a bit. He'd also seen the strength of Bill when he was angered and wished not to be on the receiving end of it. "Alright! Damn it! Have them prepare for my coronation tonight. Then we are going to this planet to crush this rebellion before it starts. The fools have

Deadly Sex Games Ch. 9

to touch her everywhere. One guy started to kiss and suck her feet while another roughly grabbed her breasts. She had been gang banged before but never by this many guys. There was a solid wall of men with more behind. More hands were on her legs, her ass, her stomach. Her nipples here sucked and nibbled. Another guy came all over her face and on

Bryony Submits Ch. 03

This was based on you giving me permission to fuck a man that I fancy if I get the chance of going out on a date. I stood at the bar with my drink but nobody started up a conversation with me. I know what you're thinking but I'm far too shy to initiate a conversation myself. I don't think people do this chance meeting in a bar stuff anymore do

A Friday Night to Remember (Part II)

a step towards you and your breath almost catches in your throat. The sexual tension filling the room turns the air viscous, as if the space was immersed in honey produced by lascivious bees. The flimsy g-string is making a very poor attempt at stemming the flow of your cunt juices, allowing them to freely run down your thighs and release their

The Wellig Asylum

and analyzing them. The boys left the room as soon as possible without first recording the poor patient, the boys kept wandering around the spooky asylum for a while when they found a room for “Vitro Fertilization” which was strange for an asylum to have such room.“Hey dude, I think we’ve seen enough for tonight, shouldn’t we just leave? I mean

New Beginnings - Pt 2 Ch 11

stuff is.”“Can you read the label?” Tabatha called up to her. “No,” Tia whined. “It’s all squiggly stuff!”“Whose idea was it for us to do inventory, anyway?” Holly called from another part of the cargo bay. “Why did anyone think we’d know what all this junk is?”“All right,” Tabatha replied. “I’ll take the blame! I thought this would be more of an


I swap my hand back form my mouth then let my hands cup his balls. Taking him in faster still. He swears, then pulls me to my feet and onto his bed. Pulling off my lacy top, then my skirt, my tights, bra and then.. He stops. I lean up and start kiss his neck, before gently biting. kitty needs your cock Kieran i say between kisses. kittys very

A Day in the Life of a Rock Queen

He asked. I said nothing. There honestly had been no man and one look at Jim would’ve erased him from my mind if there had been. But pride and left over anger kept me from saying so. Suddenly I was jolted by the unfamiliar feeling of his hand slapping my wet cunt. ‘What did you say, honey? I didn’t catch that.’ ‘I said there was no fucking man!’

The Best Teacher Tutor Ever, Part II

forth feverishly, pressing her hands on to my chest, her head tossed back, her mouth wide open, gasping for breath, her hair covering her shoulders, with a wild look in her eye. She bit down on her lower lip and smiled, even as she began to shake and tremble. Suddenly, there was no holding back and she flooded the both if us, screaming, “Fuck me!

A pastoral tale

breasts. They were mature, hanging down like ripe fruit. My engorged cock was bobbing in time to my heartbeat it was so hard. I suppose that’s all the answer she needed as she stepped inside. The first kiss was a breathless affair as our bodies came together. I could feel her sturdy body slide up to mine until we were pressed right together. We

Student Begs Her Teacher For A Special Lesson

the school’s mean girls to notice and pick on her. I wasn’t sure how much I could help her out, but anything was worth a try.I was working on a lesson plan for the first week of classes when Ms. Cooper, the head janitor who had to come in to let Harper and I into the building when no one else was here, knocked on my door.“Hey, Phil. That student,

My Favorite Kind of Seduction

were being handed back to me with either aproval or not and then they came out. The dressing rooms are in a back hall from the sales area and it was late. I had asked them if they would be long and they said that they had wanted to take their time and they had to buy things for a trip they were taking. Well, I had told them I was going to lock

Part 2: Amber and her niece

and some great mashed potatoes. I pulled a bottle of some delicious red wine from Cali and got the table set. I had everything ready, food keeping warm in the oven, table set and my condo clean and tidy. It was only 3:45. I had some time so I popped the tv on and sat down in my chair. As usual there was nothing but shit on tv, reality shows, and

Jen's Story

but her mind wouldn't bring it back to her. she had slipped on her silk leopard skin panties under her too short flared skirt. "He loves those panties, maybe He'll let it go...." she thought, praying to the goddess that her Master was in a forgiving mood. But, of course, she wasn't in luck."Take those!" He commanded her in the same low,

Roommates daughter

as she started to clean it up, which made Seth wonder if she had seen what he had done or knew what she was cleaning up. From that day on, whenever Gina had the chance to sit next to Seth or brush up against him she did. Soon another week had gone by and it was Seth’s day off. When he woke up he found that Gina had invited one of her friends over


night and was thankful for Mackay-s assistance...When they got to Ralph and Elsie-s home it was nearly 2:30AM... Mackay helped Ralph into the house... He fell on his bed and stayed there, snoring loudly in minutes... completely dressed... shoes and all... Mackay had dealt with numerous drunks in his career; Ralph was a happy drunk... There were

A New Slave

onto the sides of the sawhorse, and before he really understood what was happening they had tied his legs to the kneelers, and then abruptly bent him over so his stomach and chest were laid along the top, his ass high up in the air. He mumbled a few words of drunken protest, but they yelled at him to shut up as they hooked the collar around his

Forbidden Chapter 2

what she used on herself, it would never be the same as having a real cock inside of her. Then again Tamara wouldn't know, she was still a virgin to her own dismay.After some hour or two of playing with herself, Tamara stood and turned off the shower.Stepping out, her face was now flushed and she found herself breathing heavily.Grabbing a towel

Bird of Prey Ch. 07

and his balls tingled as he thought of the supreme redhead, being mercilessly lashed at the post, Angela's rubber bondage, and the Eastern woman who would now cane him; he thought of the cur in the dog outfit and his cock stiffened as he wondered if he'd be reduced to that level. He was now resigned to being owned completely as he inhaled the

Laurie's House Slut Ch. 03

him than he'd ever experienced before.Laurie gently lowered Michael's head back into the cradle designed to support it. She kept her hands on his body to ensure he could feel her presence. Standing, she pressed her hips against him, her heat against his ribs obvious to him. Gently, hardly knowing she was doing it, she rubbed her aroused genitals

Forbidden IM

the car cover it had gotten dirty. It now set in his driveway dark blue with 2 white stripes and it was decked out with all the options and faster then hell. He had gotten pulled over by an unfortunately new officer he didn't know who must have been hired during his last tour. He handed the officer his military ID along with his driver's license

A walk in the park

turn his head as he continued to take in the view of the girls’ bottom peeking from beneath the hem of her skirt just as he thought is voyeuristic interlude had gone unnoticed the girl stopped. She turned and looked at him, blushing as she felt his gaze continue to travel over her body as she stopped in front of him, lifting her face to look at

So You Want to be a Bimbo? - Week 2

ultimately need a man to take care of you financially and sexually. This man will determine things like your hairstyle to please him.Now, your tasks for the day are:1. You will wear a pair of 3+ inch heels the entire time you are away from home2. You will wear pink or red lipstick, mascara, foundation, and eye shadow the entire time you are away

Master's Slut

with his dick. It was hard, very hard. She loved his smooth shaft, balls and butt. Her saliva covered his penis as he ran the crown of his cock across her tongue and then shoved the shaft deep into her throat. ARGH. Oops, a sound. He pulled hair back as slight anguish crossed her brow and slapped her face with his hard cock. It was punishment but

Nurse Masden works her magic at home

uniform and into some more comfortable clothes, then spending the night relaxing with her sex-god of a fiancé. “No!” Scott exclaimed and looked at her with doe eyes that made her laugh. “I cut my finger, Nurse Masden,” he pouted and held his left hand up, showing that he had indeed cut his finger. “Aw, my poor darling,” Erica said soothingly and

Kissing Cassandra Ch. 00

to him, ‘Rematch?’ For the next few weeks Korey and Bethany faced each other in one tournament or another. She complained about facing him in the tournaments every week, but Korey figured it was just because he beat her most of the time. They would always challenge each other in between tournaments. Korey started to look forward to Saturdays more

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 17

out how to do that.’ Lone Star the one legged mockingbird died of reasons no one knows. He didn’t show any signs of being ill. Was energetic as ever but one day he just never woke up. He lived way way longer than anybody thought. He truly became an inspiration to us all. For to be so small and handicapped with one leg and taken out of his element

The Perfect Arrangement

last thing he told me was “Don’t call me again.” I dropped to the floor. Silence filled the once vibrant home as the door shut behind him. The same morning light that once provided such comfort now mockingly rested on a single picture in the foyer. It was of us lying next to each other in the spring grass, with David tickling me as I tried to

Virtual Slavery Ch. 11

with the additional pleasure that she was another man’s wife. Yet now I was thinking of her too much, which perhaps what was caused me to do to her what I did next. These last three days, having her repeatedly and meekly bare her ass for me, knowing she would receive nothing in return, no caresses, no pleasure, no orgasm, knowing that she would

It Doesn't Have to be Spontaneous Ch. 01

bed and there he didn't fuck me. No there, in his very masculine bedroom we made love. We made long, lingering, tender and pretty satisfying love. We'd taken the bottle of wine to bed with us and after we'd both climaxed, well with me it was after several climaxes, I was leaning back against his outstretched legs sipping my wine totally satisfied

The Best PLan In my life part 4

the back seat. I might as well record everything I can of this night. Then I walked over to the driver side and hopped in. I unzipped my zipper and said,“Suck me off! Now!” Then I pulled her head down right on my cock and let her do the rest of the work. Whew. Up and down up and down. Her tongue was swirling on my cock and it felt so great. I

More than a Lodger…Part 10

I saw who was fondling your arse!” Laura smiled. They walked the few hundred yards to the house giggling and laughing as they entered it. “Do me a favour Tom,” said Laura as she opened the door to walk through it, “put the kettle on, I‘m going to change quickly.” Tom nodded as he closed the door behind him and watched as Laura headed off

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 13

tensed up and she can’t… What did you call it?’ ‘It’s called the let-down reflex. If I’m tense my milk won’t flow. Massage helps to relax the muscles and release the milk.’ She started to get up. ‘This is silly. I’ll just take Freddie with me.’ ‘No! Please, give us a chance.’ Annie gently pushed her back down. ‘Help us learn something. You’ll be

Seize the Day-8 New beginnings

as she puts weight on her breasts and has to adjust them.I strip as quickly as possible and kneeling to one side begin rubbing her shoulders and neck. Her body hot and soft under my grip. As I work around her neck she groans. Then I move to her head and press down her spine purposefully touching her head with my semi ridged dick. I haven't gotten

The Runesmith Chronicles 12.2

“I can understand you now! That’s wonderful!”Ikuno stood up behind him radiating annoyance, “Of course you, can it’s a translation spell.”As she spoke the golem in front of him began to shrink with the stone of her body either rejoining her arm, feet, and face or just sinking into her skin without a trace, the only difference being a bra and

Emma (Second Emma Story)

along to the radio is just something she does.Master grabs a wooden spoon out of the caddy and smacks her ass cheek with it, testing. He has never spanked her with a wooden spoon before and it stings but the hurt is mostly from the welts and redness already there. He smacks her other cheek with it and when He gets no response from her, raises His


Both may be friends in their normal “lives,” if such thing as a friend even can exist in vampire society. But nothing like that can be sensed in the atmosphere both are creating. It is an atmosphere of tension. Sexual and other.It doesn't take long, and both their bodies crash. There are no gentle kisses or slow caressing of cheeks. Biting and

Healing Myself

pussy outlined as she sat. Those taught tanned legs and the surprising French pedicure when she had kicked off her deck shoes were at the forefront of my thoughts as I sat back and slipped a finger between my slick lips again. The next few days followed much the same pattern; walking and swimming or sketching filled my days. The hot dry

Chocolate Laughter

mouth moved to suck me. She paused, looking up, and said, 'I hope you taste good. I will miss the chocolate', and then slid me whole between her lips looking me in the eye all the while. Her tongue twirled as she stroked me, her head bobbing as she worked on me. One hand reached around me and caressed my anus, slipping into me. Her eyes twinkled

In Reflection of Earlier Times

in the lame television show was a little annoying to say the least. My arm draped around her shoulders trying to caress the top of her breast I thought this a better idea the other way under her skirt almost resulted in a broken wrist. The tussle for the prize resulted in a quite erotic slide to floor with a resounding win for her 10 points I

One Night Stand

each other's mouth, and I felt overpowered by Jim's urgency and forcefulness. Soon we were both very aware that I had never let go of his cock with both my hands. I was still squeezing and stroking his hard flesh as Jim had his way with my tits and mouth, sucking and biting at my full red lips. He pulled back and smiled at me, seeing that I was


She kissed him and cuddled up to his side. They slept together in the nude that night. Early the next morning, Bindu awoke and was surprised to see she was naked and in bed with Mr. Edwards. Before becoming fully awake, she had assumed their intimacy had just been a dream. A dream that, like all the others, was doomed to be crushed

The Rogue's Harem Book 3, Chapter 1: The Rogue's Embrace

fingers dug into my back as she moved beneath me. Her hips undulated, stirring about my cock, driving me wild with her rapture. I trembled, drinking in the delicious feel of her. She squeezed and clenched about me, massaging my dick, building the pressure in my balls.She wanted my cum. I wanted to give it to her. The bed creaked as I drove harder


his semi-hardness against her back. “Then why don’t you butter up the old sausage and guide it to your bun.” He said as he squeezed her nipples softly. While she turned down the stove with one hand, the other reached behind her to hold onto his half hard prick. “This is not a sausage. This is salami. There’s quite a difference.” She

Sir and Pet break in their new home

to tons of men whacking off to her, but in the end I’m the one who shares a bed with her so I win. However, we do have some general rules. She only shows her pussy, cums, or goes to private with my permission. This limits how much she can actually make, but she finds teasing strangers hot and it keeps me from throwing a jealously temper-tantrum,


held out the walking-stick, letting the guard see the carvings that continued to elude Yelena’s view. She could see the girl, even if her profile was slightly shadowed, she could see the guard, but the staff remained a mystery. But Yelena wasn’t prepared for what she saw next. When he saw the staff, the guard’s expression changed to one of pure

You Are Loved, Little One

running down her thighs and she rubbed them together carefully. Her arms were secured firmly to the headboard and her legs were free...for now. "Of course, Master," she said with a soft smile and a gentle blush. Her Master smiled gently back at her and he looked her over. She watched quietly as he paced the room. His body was strong, secure, and

HotWife Amber: The Clients – The Finish

to get on with the day’s business and interact, almost as if nothing had happened. Nobody seemed to detect any thing out of the ordinary during any of their meetings or throughout the working lunch. Amber was relieved that there was no awkwardness. After the last meeting of the day, Jesse asked Amber to hang back until the rest had left the

Chace McCartson - Part VIII

of shame, disgust and sadness in her eyes that, mixed with the ferocious way she attacked my dick with her mouth, trying to get the job done, it made me crazy. When I felt the first gush of cum coming I grabbed her beautiful blonde hair in an improvised knot and forced myself in, forcing the last few strokes to reach her throat and, then, I came

Hours of Sex at House Party

and rubbing me softly, I began continuously moaning and mumbling his name in my ecstasy, I started to feel on the brink of cumming and pushed harder onto his cock and grabbed his legs to pull him into me which felt amazing, as I came he sucked my nipples and said my name over and over, then he started pushing harder into me and I knew he was

Big And Beautiful Part II

fixed my skirt, which had gotten hiked up. “Uhm…” I said. “Mr. Harris. Ms. Washington.” He said. “I’m going to pretend I never came in, okay? And I’m going to beg you to be safe.” He went out. “Okay, now you’re mine!” Damien proclaimed. My heart raced. He ripped my shirt off. “Oh my God.” “I know. I’m gross.” “Will you shut up? You are the most

Uniform desires

her age and it would be hard to tell she was the mother of three kids.  On top of all that, she was just a nice person, and was able to carry on a conversation.  It was a busy night shift for our crew and I said I wasn't going to spend a lot of time, so that I could get back out on the road and be available to help my guys. I've been wrong


watching TV, I sat waiting patiently for the carnal frivolities to begin.Marcus was sprawled on the couch and turned his head almost lazily towards the sound of his mother entering the room. He was wearing his school uniform with his shoes perched casually upon the arm of the couch, a look of anticipation on his face.He gazed thoughtfully at his

Lushful Encounter

mouth, your hands rubbing my balls, you start to suck me faster.” With each message, I’m getting even more horny; my fingers working faster. Responding to his messages is making the excitement last longer. Otherwise, I would have come already. Reluctantly, I take my fingers from my aching pussy and respond to his message. “I look into your eyes

The Port-Hole Window

quickened at the sight of her cute little A-cups with the tiny pink nipples nestled in soft, light brown areolas. Her long red hair paired with magnificent, electric blue eyes made Rachelle's insides squirm with desire. Krysta slowly walked into the bathroom and turned the light on. This was Rachelle's cue. In the pouring rain, she made her way

The weekend as the babysitter

no but when she does she needs someone to help her with this….”Heather pulls up a 6 inch fake penis.“Umm…. Whats that for?”“Well where letting them get used to sex early in life so they can please there husbands and boyfriends once there older.”“Oh umm I don’t know if I can.”“Oh its easy watch.”Heather pulled up her dress and pulled off her

Problems in the Ponderosas Ch. 03

She drained her beer. ‘Hey, I’ve gotta run, but thanks for all this. Now I can’t wait for the picnic!’ She tossed her empty can ten feet into the trash barrel, just like a three pointer, and with a wave to everybody, she was gone. PROPERLY PREPARED POLICE PROFESSIONALS PROVIDE PEERLESS PERSONAL PROTECTION A memo from the Captain was in

Night Skies

inside me, but pleasure was overwhelming. Then his embrace got so tight that I wasn't able to breath, he started humping frantically and inserted it in me all the way he could, his hands and my weight forcing me down while his hips and his member forced me up, practically crushing my clitoris... Forcing my inner limits.I was used to masturbate

Daddy teaches

her to rub the balls. Later he would teach her to suck it. He loved his cock sucked, but today he was going to enjoy fucking her tight cunt. He knelt between her legs and rubbed gel onto his cock and her cunt. He wanted to make it as easy as he could when he rammed her with his huge cock. He then placed his cock to the entrance to her cunt and

Life in My Little Hometown

more to me than a ball wrapped in pigskin ever will, John added with a dead serious look on his face. NO, NO this town needs you as much as I need you, I replied as I wiped that lone tear from his face. That may be true Janet, But I know I need you more than anything on this earth and I will do anything it takes to have you and to be with you,

Gemini's Ghost

Aimee." She answered moved her hips in a circle. "Wait. Stop moving a minute. The twin?" Jake said. He sounded a little horrified. His cock in her ass was like a loose tooth she couldn't keep her tongue away from. Aimee started to milk him again."Yeah. That's me," Aimee murmured and moved on his cock a little, fucking him. "Mmmm. And, oh yeah,

His Ch. 04

in the tub. Candles and perfumes blessed her in this pleasure, and she was calm and relaxed when she finished and dried her body. She dressed slowly, being sure to make the best presentation when he came later.She hummed as she readied herself. She was so absorbed that she jumped in surprise when the phone rang."I am late today. I want you to


a good fight. They’d let me watch all the carnage, live, as it happened, in black and white never thinking twice. But on Saturday night at ten I had to go to my room, denied watching Marshall Dillon, Doc, and Miss Kitty correct the evils of the old west, as written by some screenwriter. It was all fake, the blood, the conflict, the death, the

Josh and Valentine - Chapter I

together but it just wasn't the same. We didn't joke like we had, and while she laughed more it wasn't because of something stupid or endearing that I did, it was because of what some guy had said to her. I let it go on for a few months, but after about the tenth guy I couldn't handle it anymore. As she came home from class one day (we could no

Lust On The Beach

and then finally I was in a position to start making my way back to the shore, knowing for sure that the short swim should release the last of my erection. It was an odd thing to witness, seeing my wife completely nude, standing over a naked man, in idle chit-chat. Fuck, it was actually getting me horny again and I felt the hardness of my shaft

Noc 7

more air. Circling the circumference of her tube with his tongue as his lips made out with her slit, Aaron laid, gently caressing her belly with his hands. Megans mouth stretched open as wide as it could attempting to take in as much oxygen as possible. She could feel her climax coming, and fast. She wanted him to stop, she didnt want to look so

Best Friends To Lovers (Part 1)

dances,” Kelly said little nervous noticing that she was wetter than she had been from reading the Playboy. Grace shook her head, “That’s not what I mean, I mean, have you ever had another woman’s hands against you’re body?” she asked looking at her friend as she got up going to the bedroom door turning the lock so nobody would come into the

Gallius and Abelia

echoes along the narrow tunnels dug out from the rock beneath the arena. The clang of metal reverberates off the walls as the lock to the cells heavy iron gate opens with one turn and with a bowed head, the guard gestures for his escort to enter the prison cell. “My lady.”  With elegant poise she nods in appreciation and walks slowly but

A Slut for Young Cocks

I probably could have any bloke I want, but they don’t interest me. Blokes of my age or older seem to tend more towards relationships and I don’t want that. What I want, or should I say, what I need, are quick satisfying and intense fucks that turn me on immensely. I completely get off on knowing that I have acted naughty, slutty or downright

Sibling Seduction Ch. 21

him, sliding a leg and an arm over him. She was smiling. ‘Good morning’ she said. He kissed her mouth softly. ‘That was so good!’ she added. He remained silent, holding her. Unable to help herself, she slid her hand down his stomach and grabbed on to his semi hard penis. She squeezed it lovingly. She kissed him again, this time sneaking her

Perfect Sunday

us in the shop sometime. He replied sheepishly, I dont think so Candy. A guy like me browsing in a store selling frilly knickers and vibrators might get my face into the papers for all the wrong reasons. Ebony sipped her drink and said, scathingly, thats the fucking paparazzi for you. Everyone chuckled and I asked, Whats your story? He gave a

Without Remorse Ch. 02

leg in panic at speaking to the Police. ‘I ain’t done nothing wrong!’ ‘Don’t worry, I’m not vice. I want to ask you if you know anyone called Janice. Blond, green eyes, very slim and about five six?’ ‘Might do.’ ‘Know someone called Charlie?’ ‘Might do.’ ‘Look it would really help us if you could be a little more helpful. If you do know Janice it

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 07

and it was a bowl with two to three mouthfuls of mac and cheese left. Having not eaten lunch I quickly devoured the remains licking the bowl clean. The rest of the night was uneventful other than me making dinner, serving it and cleaning up. We all watched some more TV after dinner but Master summoned me to come to bed early with hi, Zach stayed

PMQuest: Chapter 02 - First Encounter

of the bright, pulsing glow.Resting in the roots of a toppled tree was a crystal, bright and beautiful. It reminded me of a Dawn Stone, with its blue outer core and its luminescent, white center that looked large enough to be an oversized egg. It was damaged, however, cracked and splintered to the point where shards were scattered near the tree

Love At First Sight

me a while to find it but I did, and I quickly doubled back, eager to have my first taste in what felt like decades. I looked at my watch, it was 9:20, my sly informant told me that the two roommates should be leaving soon, some bullshit about a rewards ceremony, but in truth they were actually going to be kidnapped and sold for a profit. Rick

I Won Her In A Poker Game!

room, a huge kitchen with eating area, two powder rooms, a three car garage, a swimming pool, a large Jacuzzi and backyard secluded by trees with a beautiful view out over the river. As there was nobody on the other side of the river, the backyard was indeed quite private. The basement came complete with a home theatre, which included an overhead

The Real Story of Hermione Chapter 3

answering. He held all the cards at the moment and didn't want to ruin the moment. Hermione raised her eyebrows, as if she was calling her bluff. “I heard you two one night, all right? I opened the door a bit and I saw him going down on you. Then he took his dick and started to plow you and screamed-” Heat began to grow between Hermione's legs at

The default option II

all yours now.”I chuckled, “But the way you are now’s the best.”“Of course.”We kissed and she allowed me to remove her dress slowly and see all of her. I sucked on her breasts as she caressed my hair, and lay on the bed and helped me undress completely, smiling as she looked at me head to toe. We kissed as I lay atop her, her hips circling hard

A Game of Basketball Pt. 2

and who’s not. And we haven’t decided who the captains are. Just because you were both captains last year doesn’t make you captains this year.” “We here to play basketball, not fight like children… Since you all would rather bicker, we’ll run instead. Everyone on the line,” Coach Brooks orders.The entire team sighs as we walk over to the line.

Future Perfect - Chapter Four

behind me playing with my hair, her other hand exploring my chest. Again, I struggled with comparisons between mother and daughter. I had held Cassie to me in a similar fashion just hours ago. Thanks to her help, I wasn't devouring this young woman in a lust induced frenzy. I was excited to be sure but able to control myself. “Can I take your

Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 4

but just nod. Wanting to make him more comfortable so I could fully enjoy this, I decided to go for a little roleplay. Good! I giggled. And lets just keep this a secret between you and me. No need to tell the rest of our 3rd period class I said, winking at Chris. His eyes widened. And at the same time, I distinctly felt his cock throb in my

The Anniversary

Again she came, hard and long.The ice was taken away as he moved to untie her legs, her hands were left bound as he joined her on the bed and ran his tongue up the inside of her thighs. Flicking her clit back and forth and around in small circles, she couldn’t stop it, she was going to come again. Feeling the weight shift on the bed and her legs

For The Love of Daddy

slightly as he adjusted his grip, and began to pound in and out of her tight little pussy. Maya felt the pain recede as her body adjusted to the invasion and the desire returned stronger than before. She couldn’t move, could only hang in her father’s arms as he fucked her harder and faster and the desire overtook her. She found herself shuddering

Cum for Mom

of a clothing store that had dark flashy logos and a pair of extremely reveling outfits displayed in the front. Most people would simply pass by sometimes uttering what a disgraceful store it was. Mary was uncomfortable, but knew she had to do this for her son.He picked out a lot of things such as yoga pants, white blouses, tank tops, short

Do it! Ch. 04

cunts he'd soon be fucking, one right after the other...including Bella, Deidra and myself by the looks of it. Once again, I figured that I could endure, if they could something like this, especially as it would be one single thrust in and out, and chances perhaps being...that might be all I'd get with the number of women who were standing there.

My Porn Show Girl Wife

wished.My pussy quivered anticipating his prick, but it did not come. Instead it was lips finding my clit and gently sucking on it. I went over the edge again, I saw colored stars with my eyes closed, my muscles tensed till it almost hurt. When I came to I felt myself shaking.Then I saw him after I could again focus my eyes. He was standing at

My College Professor

including, is this a date? They drove in separate cars with Sam following. Once there Sam was turning off her iPod when Ron tapped on her window. She looked up and smiled unlocking the door and grabbing her purse. Ron opened the door for her, being the gentleman that he is. They talked through lunch laughing and cutting up. It seemed so natural

Dutiful Pleasures and Displeasures

only slept in the large bedroom with him when he requested it. I found that odd at first, but soon got used to it, especially when she requested me to sleep at the foot of her bed sometimes. And now, here I am, waiting for another punishment. The creaking of the door interrupts my recollections. The carriage clock on the mantelpiece telling me

New Leather

it must have showed, but she pushed her ass out like she always did when she was getting excited and I gave her that first swat.I could tell it wasn't nearly hard enough because the reaction was minimal though she pushed her bottom out even more. I was already nearly out of control myself (she picked a good time) and before I knew it I was

Working Late

clit. She shuddered and gasped. "Please fuck me!" she said. With one swift motion Jay was in her deep, tight, wet pussy...they both groaned in pleasure. Jay ground himself into Nat...deep. He reached down with his left hand and started to stroke her clit slowly as he picked up his pace with his hips. Nat moaned and pushed against him. Faster and

Sex at a conference

each other’s bodies our cunts are crossed. We thrust them together and rotate our hips, I am shaved she is not. We begin to grind with greater intensity sliding through each other’s wetness, we orgasm, but we are not satisfied. We continue our respective movements, our bodies tense and we orgasm again. Still we continue the orgasms are merging

Turning life upside down

taking that tennis ball sized cock head was not an issue, his length on the other hand was her only initial problem. As their week progressed, she found it easier and she found it quite pleasurable taking him balls deep. The girl is a lot like me, his ejaculation just pushes her over the top and she relishes the moment of feeling him flow into

All In The Family

and tongue fuck Steph's asshole for a good ten minutes."Mommy, that felt so good!  My pussy is so warm and wet now."Almost instinctively, Mommy got down on her back, and Steph moved closer to her, legs first.  Each woman spread her legs so that they could come together in a scissors position.  Once they were there, they were able to rub their

A Dream Come True Ch. 02

my cock and balls and awaited, with the wonderful combination of hope and fear that only submissives know, the ways you would use me."I'll be right back," you said as you left the room but quickly returned with a piece of luggage somewhere in size between a gym bag and a regular suitcase. You swung it on one of the beds and directed me to open

The Ice Breaker

and my job was to eat them. I started and went back and forth and licked and sucked and fingered and kissed, they were playing with each other’s nipples and giving me instructions. They both tasted wonderful and it was hard work to keep they both happy but after about 30 minutes they started to wiggle and move a lot more and were telling me they

The Nanny

Julia and having an affair with her. I just would need to be careful around the children. They could never see how Julia and I act. It was important to keep distance around the children. I would need to keep our affair under wraps.“You better get yourself ready. The kids need to be picked up from school. We’ll have fun when they go to bed.”Julia

Inappropriate Footwear

stick, we watched them all ramble on along the narrow dirt track. ===- 2 -=== Popping the phone back into my rucksack, I let out a defeated sigh. “Well, it’s not a priority, it’s a lovely summer’s day so no chance of dying from exposure. They’re sending out an ambulance and it’ll be at least ninety minutes.” I looked helplessly at Anne, she

Daniel Lies

if she would come back downstairs to find him lying across Beverley’s lap, but doubted it. Such a shame she thought.   They both entered the bedroom and Jennifer said in a matter of fact voice   “Right, you can make sure you do this properly but don’t expect to get anything from me. I am furious my lad, really cross.”   Daniel looked at

An unexpected seduction

She cried out as he hit a spot that had never been hit before, and then they were thrusting against each other madly, trying to find a pace that suited them both. She was like a wild animal, bucking and heaving while he pumped her hard. It was unrefined and amazing. Hot monkey sex with black scarves. His hand cupped her hip, tilted it up for

Sammie Series #1 – Sammies New Home

over 20. While they have fun sexually (doing some really imaginative things together, including openly fantasizing about other people while they are making love with each other), neither has been with anyone else since they met. Wayne and Suzanne also use the internet to “play around” as well. Wayne loves to chat and cam with other women. Most

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Finally, her registration was confirmed, and she breathed a gasping sigh of relief to see that the auction was still right where it had been a few minutes ago. She clicked on the ‘Buy It Now!’ button, her fingers inside her panties the whole time. ***** The next couple of weeks were practically impossible. Every day after she’d sent off that

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 07

She burst out laughing at this point. Diana joined her.The massage had been wonderful and Diana almost managed to forget that it was relatively early in the day and she had one more major session in the day's practicum to get through. When they had returned to their room, bodies oiled and every muscle relaxed, Diana was reminded of this when she

After Hours swim

seven and no one’s here, I think we should just start without them” I replied. “I guess so too” he said. After a full hour of breaststrokes, backstrokes, and butterfly strokes, the class had ended perfectly at around 7:58. Leaving us about half an hour to shower and get dressed. Jason reached over and gave me a high five, and said “I guess,

The College Professor

in between them.I was hot and my heart was beating so hard I thought it would beat out of my chest. Seeing him cum sent me over the edge too. I screamed loudly and was breathing heavily when there was a knock on the door. Steve was still panting and flushed when he open the door to find the principle there. I was on the floor naked, my

Descent sexual seduction

about this.Me : Ok mam. if you dont mind can I have your mobile number.She : Yeah sure xxxxxxxxxx .Me : can I call you tonight ?She : sure at any time.Me : Thank you.I just left off from there. and reached my room (for the studies purpose I used to be alone far from myhome town). I had bought one quarter and reached room as usually. After I was

With Pleasure There Is No Hesitations, Says The Master

take her shirt and bra off.Her complexion is olive. Her breasts hang massively from her chest like two flesh globes of hunking pleasure. Her lips are thick and vast. Her hair is parted, black, and hangs down to her breasts like a rescue ladder. Her hair sways as I command her, sways over her nipples again and again. I would then feed her a little

Playing Away From Home.

busload of trouble” she said with a smile.The words caused Dean to kiss her lovingly again; they then both lay on their side and continued kissing for several minutes as their naked crotches met.“Can you stay the night Dean”?“Stay the night; you really mean it”?“Of course; I don’t want you leaving here thinking I am the kind of girl that allows

My First M4M Massage

needed to unwind from the tightness in my muscles. After I got home from the gym, I poured myself a glass of wine and thought of ways to relief my back pain. I then thought of having a massage to solve the problem. I googled ‘massage’ and came across the website ‘Rentboy’ that offered M4M massage options. Curious, I clicked on the link and did a

The Ghouls Wedding

anymore, although he still never talked much. It went without saying theyd be married the next year, although neither of them had money for a wedding. Jim worked as a security guard at night and Amina working at the library, or the music store, or the farmers market, depending on what day of the week it was and when her classes were. They made

Eros Academy Chapter 3: The Assignment

said, “Get comfortable. Do whatever you’d normally do and just kinda walk me through the process.” She nodded and laid herself back so that she was propped up on the pillows, half lying down laying the Dolphin down by her thigh. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, her legs spread very slightly. After a long, slow sigh she spoke softly

The Way of the War pt8

of 10,000. The reason we had been sent to this area was due to the lack of communication. Radios was the main item we were bringing in our supplies. Also we brought some more modern weapons to replace the outdated arms they were using. We were not able to bring in a lot due to capacity but we did have a couple of crates of M-1 Garands to

Escapades of Eva Christmas 2009 Ch. 01

cunt hard with the other hand in an effort to stop the growing lust and the sexy memories of how her poor defenseless pussy was always in control of her libido. And she thought of how shamelessly that one part of her body was enslaved by every thought of the man who dominated her mind, body and soul. And more so, by the very thought of what HE

Fantasies of a Submissive Ch. 02

of her master. But, as always, it was futile. No matter what she did he was always on her mind. And thoughts of him always led to her pussy dripping, clenching in anticipation. Standing there with the water cascading down her back, she could feel her wet cunt tighten as her juices ran down her thighs, evidence of what thoughts of him did to her.

Daughter in law 1-2(continuation)

of her.Cheri sucked in her breath; damn he was good at this. He didn't want her to have to choose between romantic lovemaking, all out sex, or anywhere in between. From now on it would be whatever they were in the mood for. He continued to lick and nibble her pussy. Her entire body was on fire and her breathing was in gasps, "O-hh yeah, you can


is a hotel?’ she asked softly, the amazement still very much evident in her voice and upon her angelic face. After so many business trips and so many nights spent in suites such as this one, I found that I was rediscovering the situation through my fiancée’s enthusiasm. While I had purposely not brought my laptop with me, I marveled at the

Watching Sue story 4

side to side and even a circling motion. She leaned forwards getting full contact with her clit on his pubic bone. Her movements were fairly small but it appeared very effective, she was really enjoying his cock and knew how to use her inner cunt muscles for them both to get the maximum pleasure. It was such a pleasure to watch someone almost


to witness it, she didn't have to feel utterly foolish. At the height of her frenzy, she heard a knock at the door that stopped her dead in her tracks. She crouched and peered around the corner towards the source of the noise. 'Who the hell could that be at this time of night?' she thought to herself as she wrapped the leopard print fleece robe


4, divorced, single. I have long brown hair, and still have a very good figure with a flat belly and breasts that haven’t sagged yet. I work in a local shop full time. At weekends I get together with a friend, Sally, and we usually have a few drinks before we hit the local bars and clubs. It took me a while to start enjoying myself after my

My Release

two years, I thought I would have sworn off men forever. I was so excited to finally have my home to myself and not have to worry about pleasing any one or supporting any one financially. It was such a liberating feeling, but I felt bad for my poor toys. One side effect of my horrible past relationship was the growing baby inside me, and boy did

My First Summer Of Love

to ogle Jill from the safety of my bedroom when she was working in the garden. Roy took the train to London early every morning and didn’t get back home until seven in the evening, and was often away on business for several days. Jill didn’t work and her only company during the day was an Airedale terrier which she took for long walks every day

The Rest of the Masterful Weekend Getaway

did anyway. I picked up the top and squeezed the water out of the fabric. I wondered if it could have belonged to cute girl about my age. I wondered if her breasts were round … like yours. I wondered if her areolas were large and light pink or if they were compact and dark pink … like yours. I wondered if she had nipples got hard and poked out

Gina’s Life Ch. 08

fucking off with Kelly and going to live with my ex stepfather!’ He looked down at the cup and back to me. ‘Do you know I came to your grotty little flat once? Kelly was just two months old. I had packed enough feeds for her for a few days. I saw Lucy’s car outside so I looked down from the street into your basement flat. She was bouncing up and

Wife Forced To Cheat 2

not be taken seriously. This is for pure entertainment purpose. Sharron climbed back into her car and headed for home. Her pussy ached like never before. I can’t believe that I just sucked a stranger’s cock, she thought to herself. Sharron now had a bitter taste of cum in her mouth and a terrible ache in her pussy that needed to be satisfied. As

America’s Playboy Ch. 01

in different beds for all we know. For all we know, they’re probably lesbians, Boss.’ ‘Nah, I ain’t never seen no lesbians who look as good as that,’ chimed in Vito. ‘Normally lesbians are fat and ugly and don’t shave their legs and underarms. Normally, lesbians don’t like men. Matter of fact, they hate men. They’d rather die than to fuck a man.

A Saint and A Sinner Ch. 02

and laced his fingers together letting his hands sit on top of a stack of photos showing different angles of the crime scene, the top one a close up of the victim’s face. It showed the missing ear, nose gone most likely chewed off, broken and missing teeth in a mouth permanently open in a scream of terror filled pain. ‘The sheriff said that I

Asteroid Patrol: Trouble

two macho lunatics hadn’t taken off without informing me.’ Emmy glared, but I could see the worry etched into her face. ‘Sorry beautiful.’ I smiled. ‘Forgive me?’
‘Maybe, you silly bugger.’ She leant forward and kissed me. ‘Now exactly what were you bloody fools planning on doing?’ — I listened as my husband sketched out what he and Paul

A Bit More Fun

it, slowly twisting and pushing to get its girth into you before the widest bit passes and your arse clenches, trapping its prisoner.Next I cuff your hands, then your ankles followed by a short chain between them. You're now hogtied but one thing is missing so I blindfold you. Now I pick you up and carry you across the room. You can't see it but

Private School Ch. 02

and she felt the warm, damp cloth as confident hands used it to wash away residue.Heather lay there quietly as they put away the shaving tools and tried not to panic. She told herself that doctors weren't supposed to hurt people. Maybe if she could speak to the doctor alone, she'd be sympathetic to Heather's plight. Maybe she'd help Heather

Can we Survive III

was falling from her eyes. When the sisters saw us they held out their arms to be comforted and hugged.. We pulled the truck in the barn we stripped the of everything we could use and set fire to the barn. They cried all the way home some of the tears were tears of joy. One thing they told us was that the Commanders frowned on Rape and

A Fantasy Fulfilled

gently began inserting it in my ass. While I still don't want a hard dick in there, I have to admit the sensation was far from unpleasant. The dildo was small and didn't really hurt more than a little, although it was strange to feel something that hard going into my asshole. She had put her finger in there before but her fingers are even smaller

Frank's sex toy part 2

always the best. Finished with our quick fucking he pulled my nightie down, this was his first view of my nipples since he got home. He looked hard at my nipples, “They look awfully swollen and sore, that must have hurt," he simply said. I started to tell him about Tom, getting into what he had done to me and why his wife had walked out on him.